RRQ Hoshi Below By Evos legend Mpl ID Season 7 2nd Positions

RRQ Hoshi Below By Evos legend Mpl ID Season 7 2nd Positions

Everyone is shocked after looking at the standing of MPL ID season 7 as the Evos  ranks number 2 by overlapping  RRQ Hoshi  As the  MPL ID  shared the ranking on their official Instagram handles


 After RRQ  Hoshi  and Evos legend  one to one match Evos  came to the second point and RRQ  dropdown TO 3RD POSITION  the match between RRQ And Evos  was so exciting that brought  Indonesian fans into shock after the loss of RRQ  in MPL ID with 3 by 0-2 WEEK 8 by 1-2

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As point 1-2  is the Game changer point as RRQ and Evos legend had the same aggregate points Due to which Evos made their way to  second positions

In the game Stats, the RRQ  game rate was looking better however the game state of RRQ was better than EVOS legend

These were the stats of Mpl ID season 7 What’s your thoughts on Evos and RRQ Please comment below 

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