Romantic Camping Destinations for Couples

What’s better than a peaceful night away from the hustle and bustle of normal life? The answer to that question is spending that tranquil time with the person you love most! For this reason alone, camping is a great romantic venture for couples.

However, it can feel challenging to find ways to make any camping trip more intimate and sentimental. If this is your current predicament, then keep reading to discover romantic destinations and minor additions that will make your camping trip one to cherish.

Pack a mixture of clothing options.


If you’re spending copious amounts of time in the woods, in an RV, or hiking up and down trails then you’re going to want to wear comfortable and practical clothes. Sometimes hiking clothes isn’t exactly your idea of what you’d wear for a romantic date out. Since this is the case, you should be sure to pack other clothing options for a more romantic occasion like a beautiful sundress and a strapless bra to keep your pesky bra straps out of the way.

In addition to the strapless variety, you should also be sure to bring sports bras for activities and maybe a push-up bra if you want an option that’ll look great with a t-shirt. What’s important to take away is that you need a mixture of outfits so you can your partner can go do whatever you please instead of being confined to doing activities that match the clothes you packed. This way you can hit the trails and head to a romantic, luxurious dinner all in the same day.

Don’t forget your camping necessities.


A part of camping that couples should be aware of before embarking on their trip is that to have a good time, you have to be a little prepared. For example, you might want some food items, water, blankets, sleeping bags, lanterns, maybe even an air mattress, and whatever other staple camping accessories are available.

After all, without some of these items, you likely won’t feel comfortable which can impede you and your partner from having a romantic stay together. In short, be prepared with your camping gear so when you’re at your campsite, you can focus on each other.

Make the most out of your stay.


In addition to these tips, a great way to ensure a romantic stay is to camp at camping sites that have a multitude of amenities. Instead of just setting up camp at a campground, opting for a premier RV park allows you and your partner access to a more comfortable stay.

These campsites have facilities like a pool for a romantic swim, dog parks for your pup, on-site showers when you require some freshening up, and convenience stores for food and other essentials. Basically, by choosing a premier park, you’re also getting the perk of comforts that’ll help you and your partner ease into relaxation.

Go for a dreamy night of stargazing.


Here’s the thing, you’re going camping for a reason and part of that is probably that you love appreciating the outdoors. One of the most incredible ways to admire nature and the beauty this planet offers is by stargazing. When you’re camping, look for nearby Dark Sky Parks, which celebrate dark skies without the tainting of light pollution, or simply pop out of your tent for a look up at the sky.

If you go to a Dark Sky Park or designated dark area in a National Park, be sure to bring blankets and pillows so you can your loved one can have a comfortable spot to lay on and gaze up at the stars together. Overall, this is a romantic and sweet way to spend your time as you admire the beauty of the night sky and your connection.