RBI Monetary Policy 2021 live: No Change In Repo Rate No Relief On Loan & EMI

RBI Monetary Policy 2021 live: No change in Repo Rate No Relief On Loan & EMI | The Reserve bank of India is announcing the Monetary policy of 2021-22 where RBI Reserve bank of India has given a point of views of expecting more than 10% of growth in GDP for this year

Das said that RBI Reserve Bank Of India has kept the repo rate as 4 bank rate as 4.25 and reverse repo rate 3.35 percent which means there is no relief to middle-class families in this policy also where is also said how India is taking a position in vaccinations and for global economic Recovery in RBI Monetary Policy 2021

the situation Indian economy may fall more as previously there was no Relief to Middle-class families and current situation of covid 19 leads to a strict lockdown as previous year 1-year concerning lockdown already affected middle-class families as they were recovering the loss which they had in 2020 complete lockdown meanwhile as increasing cases of covid multiple states in India puts a lockdown again which may affect in GDP and share market

Key Points of RBI Monetary Policy 2021 live

The expectation of more than 10 percent growth of GDP

No changes of Repo rate RBI Will Maintain 4 percent repo rate

Not Spoken Anything about Pmc Bank Depositors

RBI Monetary Policy of 2021 Video

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