Rahul Gandhi Trolled As Mr.Bean on Twitter

 Rahul Gandhi  trolled on twitter as Mr.Bean when Rahul Gandhi went to hatras in tractor by inserting special leather seat to show simplicity which went wrong 

Rahul gandhi Trolled As Mr.Bean on Twitter
Rahul gandhi Trolled As Mr.Bean on Twitter 

Rahul Gandhi Trolled As Mr.Bean on Twitter after inserting leather seat for comfort in tractor

Rahul Gandhi nowadays have been found more active in hatras case due to politics also congress party leader Rahul Gandhi was on his way to meet hatras victims family were to show simplicity he went from tractor instead of VIP vehicle but after the netizens saw a specially attached leather seat in the tractor for this VIP wen completely wrong and lead him to get trolled on twitter as same as Mr bean attached leather sofa in his car where netizens made fun of Rahul Gandhi 

and latest a politician claim of giving 53 attendance out of 100 is a young and elder politician in a fun way but a 27-year-old politician who is really young politician gave 100 percent of the attendance 
Rahul Gandhi these days doing certain things in Uttar Pradesh to save rape but in his own election-winning state had a rape case in this week in which Rahul Gandhi found silent in this rape case all these politicians are just for the vote no matter its bjp or congress all parties are equally involved for this and more importantly Indian law is to be blamed for not creating a tough punishment for the rap cases like Arab 

rape cases are increasing widely we already covered more than 10 rape cases in this lockdown which led to the death of democracy it is not about the girl short dress it is about the mentality we Indian have  government should give tougher punishment and should educate children about moral rules and respecting women and compulsory self-defense subject it is not about Dalits and upper-caste it is about women it is not about dress it is about respect it is not about the culture it is about humanity 

hope you like our article make sure u comment on this  and sorry for converting topic but we write what we fill because we are not Indianexpress to write on behalf of politician we are a young group we write about equality and believe inequality, not castes and minority  and we have sisters too 

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