Why Every Leading Pre-Employment Testing Company is Investing in Remote Proctoring Tools

Back in 2020, when COVID19 positive cases were rising day by day, many companies were exploring the possibilities of giving up their traditional recruitment strategies and focusing on pre-employment testing. However, online examinations are hard to monitor for recruiters. That’s where remote proctoring tools helped them.

Remote proctoring is the process of overseeing candidates in real-time as they attempt to pass the pre-employment examinations. Even back in 2018, 82% of Fortune 500 companies were using pre-employment testing strategies. Now, countless more organizations are experimenting with pre-employment tests.

Hence, they need high-quality remote proctoring tools. That’s why the usage of online proctoring apps has increased by 500% in the past year. Tens of millions of educational and employment tests have been proctored with the help of these tools. The leading pre-employment testing companies even offer different types of remote proctoring strategies –

Live Proctoring

Qualified human invigilators located in remote locations monitor the candidates’ audio, and video feeds in real-time. It’s the same as offline proctoring; only the location of the invigilator or proctor is remote. This real-time proctoring technique is only applicable when the number of people participating in the test is less than ten. That’s because spotting fraudulent activities becomes difficult for invigilators as the pool of candidates becomes larger.

Recorded Proctoring

Record the candidates’ audio and video streams for later review. The proctor will look for signs of suspicious activities during these later reviews. With this technique, employers and recruiters can give their candidates the feeling that they are inside tense exam room environments. They can inform the applicants about the strict consequences of suspicious activities so that everyone maintains strict discipline.  

Automated Proctoring

Human involvement in proctoring processes is not ideal for some reasons. Firstly, the proctors need to be extremely efficient observers to spot potential malpractices in real-time. Finding such high-quality proctors can be challenging for employers. Secondly, without high-speed connectivity or large amounts of storage capacity, recruiters can’t rely on the accuracy of their proctoring processes.

That’s why automated proctoring has become extremely popular in the past year. This advanced form of proctoring doesn’t require human intervention. Face recognition software tools authenticate the identities of the applicants. These programs are designed to simultaneously monitor all candidates. Using advanced video and audio analytics, these programs track mouse movement, candidate movement, and other potentially suspicious behaviors.

Every leading pre-employment testing companynow offers these proctoring solutions. Although live and recorded proctoring techniques aren’t flawless, they still provide guaranteed results. So, companies can now rely on these experts to formulate appropriate pre-employment tests, oversee the exams, and score the tests.

Here are some other reasons why remote proctoring is so advantageous for pre-employment tests –


Pre-employment exams are time-consuming. They involve multiple steps and numerous people. The tests that are combinations of video interviews and written reports are even harder to assess for recruiters. That’s why partnering with pre-employment testing companies that offer advanced proctoring solutions is so beneficial. These companies –

  • Create customized tests on behalf of the recruiters.
  • Instead of assigning an individual to track each test candidate, these companies have systems in place where one invigilator can easily oversee multiple students.
  • Since candidates from remote locations are able to take these exams, the number of applicants for pre-employment exams is typically higher (compared to traditional recruitment strategies). So, top pre-employment testing companies combine live, recorded, and automated proctoring strategies. Their clients get to marginally reduce the cost of recruiting without sacrificing the quality of the candidates.

Recruiting companies only need to invest money into pre-employment testing companies. After that, remote proctoring, test preparation, etc., are the sole responsibilities of the pre-employment testing companies. Recruiters have to spend next to nothing to initiate these testing procedures.

Proctoring Ensures Security

Remote proctoring tools allow employers to carefully oversee the behaviors of each and every candidate as and when they’re partaking in the exams. These tools enable recruiters to avoid untoward incidents. More importantly, they allow recruiters to avoid risky or deceitful candidates.

Onboarding employees is an expensive and tiresome process. These processes become much tougher when the newly recruited employee is prone to cheating or lying. With remote proctoring tools, recruiters can make sure that they never encounter such candidates. As a result, the quality of their recruits over time.

Faster and Safer Results

Top pre-employment testing companies don’t just use automation to proctor exam processes, but they also use automation to grade the results. As a result, they get to quickly deliver the exam results. Some pre-employment testing companies even offer to rank candidates based on their honesty during the exams.

Overall, remote proctoring tools are great for pre-employment testing companies and their clients. These tools allow pre-employment testing companies to maintain strict quality standards. As a result, recruiters get to hire the best and the most honest candidates. Pre-employment testing is the future of recruitment. Proctoring tools will play a vital role in this recruitment strategy.