Plane Crashed In Kerala Dubai to Calicut Plane Crashed Due To Slip In Landing

Plane Crashed In Kerala  Dubai to Calicut Plane Crashed Due To Slip In Landing

Dubai to Calicut flight is been crashed due to high rain and flight slipped during landing  Dubai to Calicut plane was crashed at 7:30 pm at Kerala airport

191 passenger was in-flight rescue operation is in process 9 people lost their lives in this crashed and injured details are awaited 

174 were adults 10 passenger was kids and 4 crew members and 2 pilots
 air India flights 1344  were crashed in Kerala airport due to slippery runway as there were 191 passengers the incident is bigger 

airport authorities trying to control the incident plane broke into two parts which clearly mean this is big incident no of injured and death may be bigger

the plane broke out in two parts from the front part and the cockpit is been broked  

ambulance and fire engines are rescuing the operation and the pilot is been dead 

the flight was fell in  in the hole due to uncontrolled speed majority of injured passengers is been sent for treatment near Kozhikode city hospitals  

most of the passenger severely injured were sitting starting  sit of the cockpit  and 2 passengers are still stuck in the plane wreck

crashed reason was weather conditions and problem in the landing gear where flight overshot the runway (tabletop) 

the pilot lost his control on the plane as it was heavily raining in Kerala from 3 days who gave permissions to fly during these weathers condition?

good news: plane doesn’t catch fire if the plane was fired then it may be worst crashed hopefully it doesn’t catch fire also there were was no fuel  leaked 

flight details: flight was 13 years old and model Boeing 7  the flight was on vande Bharat missions the passengers were returning to their home country  from Dubai to Calicut

May the departed soul rest in peace! and god give strength to family and loved ones for bearing such a huge loss om Shanti 

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