Getting Compensation For Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries

Getting Compensation For Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries

Getting Compensation For Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries
Getting Compensation For Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries

If you have been involved in an accident and your injuries have resulted in permanent scars, this may cause suffering. This is especially if the scar is in a visible place. In some cases, scars may even prevent you from getting a job, which could affect your life tremendously.

 If in such a situation, you may wonder whether you can get compensated through workers’ compensation or file a personal injury claim.Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries

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 Can I Receive Workers Compensation For Scarring?

 An experienced lawyer can tell whether there is any specific law detailing getting workers compensation benefits for permanent scars. However, it’s clear that an employee can get compensated for any partial impairment which is permanent in quality and will not result in a permanent total disability. If you have some pretty visible scars due to a chemical burn from a work-related, you may be compensated. When scar occurs to the face or any other visible part of the body, they may require reconstruction surgery which may take time depending on the type of scar. Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries

Where you may be eligible for any workers’ compensation benefits, you will not be required to prove negligence. Also, you have the right to choose your own doctor who will treat your injuries. Or, you can request your employer to assign you a doctor to offer designated care. 

 If you are not restricted in any way by the law, you can seek benefits for permanent scars that may result in permanent disability. At no time should you handle your permanent scars without legal representation? You should speak to an Anchorage attorney who understands Alaska workers’ compensation.

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 When Your Employer’s Negligence Has Caused The Permanent Scar

If your employer was negligent in causing you the scars, you can sue him/her for damages. You can file a personal injury claim showing the effects the scars have caused you. Your lawyer can advise you whether scars on the face or any other visible place may result in more significant damages compared to unseen scars. The apparent reason for scars compensation is that they will significantly impact your life over a long period of time. As such, you can expect to get a more favorable compensation.

 Your employer is under obligation to pay your medical expenses for two years following your injury. This doesn’t mean that such obligation ends within two years. The board can order such payments to continue. At no one point should you refuse to get be treated; this would lead to suspension of any compensation benefits you may be recovering.

 It’s hard to evaluate how much a scar may be worth. However, the jury can use some of the previously settled cases to come up with a figure. Normally, you will have your scars compensation together with other injuries you may have suffered. For this, you will need to:

  • You will need to show how your employer acted negligently to cause you injuries that lead to your permanent scars.
  • You need to document all the medical expenses you have incurred; your doctor should also give an accurate record detailing whether such scars are for a lifetime.

 A medical opinion is the only way an insurance company can be convinced of your scarring and how much it may be worth. Your doctor must be in a position to tell how much cost may be spent to have a surgeon remove the scar either by plastic surgery if this is possible. Then such costs should be included in your claim. In rare cases, a surgeon may interfere with your scars when making cosmetic procedures, and this could lead to more damages; you may file a medical malpractice claim.

 In some cases, scars translate to disfigurement, where the affected body may develop scar tissue that may prevent mobility. For instance, if you were burned by a chemical at your nose or ears, healing might cause the tissue around to be less flexible. This could lead to loss of smell or hearing, which could justify higher compensation. To get compensated, you must:

  • Give sufficient notice of your injuries.
  • Ensure the injury never emanated from you working while intoxicated.
  • You have no intentions to injure or take your life or that of another.
  • The injury must have arisen within the scope of employment. An employment event must have caused the injuries leading to permanent scars.

 Getting Help For Your Permanent Scars

 If you suffered scars after a work-related accident, you will not only be dealing with physical injuries but also physiological injuries. For instance, you may be a young lady who wants to join a beauty competition or a young man who wants to marry. If your scars are on the face and too visible, this may considerably impact your life.

Thus, it would pay to have a lawyer handle your case and determine whether you may get partial benefits from workers’ compensation insurance and also file a personal injury claim. Permanent Scarring From Work-Related Injuries