People Demands to Arrest ShubhamMishra hindustani bhau and Manse karyakartas

two years before Agrima Joshua did standup comedy at habitat where she insults Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj after viral video of Agrima Joshua rapes threats and murder threats to Agrima Joshua after the apology video 

People Demands to Arrest ShubhamMishra hindustani bhau and Manse karyakartas  

 Arrest ShubhamMishra hindustani bhau

Mumbai Maharashtra: Agrima Joshua viral video of defaming Maharashtra king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj put her in trouble where her family getting murder threats on social medias also Manse karyakartas sabotage the place where this stand up comedy happened manse karyakartas didn’t know that this habitat employees people and more than 1000 people are employed and getting earned with habitat sabotaging habitat is showing the mindset of manse karyakarta they made a video of breaking and damaging their personal property and uploading it on social media thus did Shivaji Maharaj taught them to break any personal properties? which feeds nearly 1000 of peoples

also no police investigation against manse  for damaging the private property the fault is in comedian not platform that’s how like cringe content is on TikTok, TikTok is not cringe 


Hindustani bhau and shubham Mishra both are the social activists active on their social media where they were giving wrong messages on social media about Agrima Joshua abusing her family making a video on fucking an Agrima Joshua statement in live video of Instagram  where they forgot that she is women and Shivaji gave respect to women that what he is known for  where Shivaji maharajas admirer who was giving a rape threat to Agrima Joshua like hindustani bhau and shubham mishra everyone knows she made a mistake and she apologized that’s it 

no Shivaji Maharaj follower found  when congress MLA Hussain was found on abusing India martyrs who lost their lives in battle with china where was manse that time why they didn’t damage the Hussain property because he was a politician and congress MLA 

we readerscook are not in hate of any political party of any of religion we just want is respect for the women  and she has to apologize for the statement,hindutani bhau and  shubham mishra should have apologized too for the statement 

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