3 Best Options for Optimal Solar Panel Placement

Did you know that almost three million homes in the United States have solar panels? A staple of new construction, this unique energy source is becoming more and more popular among people who already own homes.

You may be wondering about solar panel placement if you have an interest in solar panels on the roof of your house. Here are three things to consider for optimal solar panel placement.

1. Direction Depends on Location

Although you may think that any sun will help you generate power from your solar panels, the direction can drastically change energy output. This depends on your location in the world, particularly your hemisphere.

For example, if you live in the northern hemisphere, you will get the best efficiency by placing your panels facing south. This is because the sun is almost always in the southern half of the sky during daylight hours.

However, in the southern hemisphere, the directions are reversed. You will benefit much more from having your panels facing northward.

2. Solar Panel Angles

After you decide on the solar panel orientation, you then need to look at the angle of solar panels. Again, this heavily depends on location and other factors. The only time that it makes sense to do completely horizontal solar panels is if you live on the equator.

It can also depend on the angle of your roof. A good rule of thumb is to face them towards the location of the sun in the middle of the day, during the summer season. This will allow you to reap maximum benefits from the solar panels on the roof.

If you have a tricky roof or you need help calculating the solar panel angles, it may be a good idea to consult with your solar panel installer. Read this webpage to learn more about solar panel companies and how they can assist you in the process.

3. Roof-Mounted vs Free-Standing Panels

Although you may see roof-mounted solar panels as a popular option for installation, they are not the only ones that can make sense for your home. Work with your solar panel installer to determine if roof-mounted or free-standing panels are the best option for you.

For those who do not have a good angle to place solar panels, it may make more sense to have free-standing solar panels facing the ideal direction. You will save money and gain lots of energy by having them on the ground, rather than trying to place them on the roof.

Choose Your Solar Panel Placement Today

If you are considering solar panels for your home, you should not have to worry about solar panel placement. With these tips, you can learn where to put solar panels to get the most power and efficiency possible.

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