Now You Can Enjoy a Bubble Bath Too — Here’s How

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’ve seen it in countless television shows and films – the healing power of a relaxing bubble bath. Taking a long soak in hot water can help to calm your nervous system. Calming your nervous system reduces your anxiety and stress levels, improving your mood, and promoting those warm fuzzy feelings of relaxation. Bubble baths, in particular, incorporate the effects of a variety of relaxing products. These products include muscle-relaxing salt, fragrant essential oils, and of course, luxurious bubbles!

Another upside to taking bubble baths is that you’ll have some dedicated alone time. It can be challenging to set aside time to focus on yourself, especially if you have a smartphone. Your alone time could be interrupted by text messages or perhaps just the irresistible urge to scroll your Instagram feed or Twitter timeline. Having your phone in the tub with you not only makes bathing difficult but puts your phone at risk of being submerged in soapy water. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for some self-enforced downtime from social media or communicating with friends and family.

I don’t have a tub, but I want to take bubble baths!

Now You Can Enjoy a Bubble Bath Too — Here's How

It is clearly impossible to reap the benefits of a stress-melting bubble bath without a bath to enjoy it in. If you’re looking to incorporate some serious relaxation into your self-care routine but lack a bathtub, consider a shower to tub conversion!

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Bubble Bath Additions That Promote Maximum Relaxation

Now You Can Enjoy a Bubble Bath Too — Here's How

Many people take bubble baths as a relaxation technique because it can be challenging to fall asleep at night after a stressful day. Responsibilities like work, school, or childcare can interfere with our ability to achieve restful sleep. It is often difficult to quiet your thoughts even after work or class has ended, or the kids have gone to bed. A remedy for this overactive mind that benefits many consumers is the use of CBD. Some feel uncomfortable with prescription sleep medication or think that it is too potent for their needs.

Cannabidiol products can help promote a good night’s sleep the natural way. A CBD sleep tincture or CBD oil can help alleviate some of the symptoms you feel due to an active or busy lifestyle. A restful night means a more blissful next day, so it’s worth it to invest in self-care for your overall health and well-being. If you feel aches and pains resulting from physical labor or poor posture, CBD rubs have been known to mitigate those effects. Salt baths are also an excellent means of promoting healthy circulation and muscle relaxation without the use of over-the-counter medicine.


Incorporating aromatherapy into your daily wind-down is an excellent means of promoting relaxation. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and mint can help you get the best results from your nighttime self-care routine. Aromatherapy is said to work through the process of smell-receptor stimulation. These smell receptors then send messages to your brain through the nervous system to the limbic system, which controls your emotions. Essential oils are widely used in massage therapy practices. For those seeking a natural solution to stress, utilizing aromatherapy in your bathtub experience can be a game-changer.

Now You Can Enjoy a Bubble Bath Too — Here's How

Whether you need to relax, take some time alone, or get to sleep, a bathtub full of bubbles can help. Consider supplementing your experience with CBD gummies, topicals, or oils for an especially blissful occasion. Throw some lavender or chamomile aromatherapy into the mix, and you’ll be in self-care heaven! When beginning a new treatment regimen, it is essential to consult with your doctor, especially if you are already taking medication. Once you have cleared CBD use with your doctor, practice safety by testing out a small amount of product before committing to the full dosage as indicated.