Mumbai demanding Free electricity during lockdown

Mumbai demanding  Free electricity during lockdown

Mumbai  : lockdown is getting even worse for Mumbaikars  as they have many expenses of the family, like maintenance and water bill property tax all these expenses when there is no salary or income for the business and though for the head of the family to pay bills, after getting free electricity monthly bill will make a huge relief in a middle-class family and also help them for paying other expenses for foods and daily needs as 60% of Indians almost have fear of electricity for next month like how much they have to pay and how you can save electricity all these thoughts on the middle class

if electricity would be free middle-class families can donate money to needy people and this is not the time to make money as said by the government then how electricity company is allowed to charge money to people?
what if middle-class people fail to pay the bill then electricity would be cut? 
what if the bill is pending from 2 to 3 months would they charge late fees?

these were the  biggest questions to the electricity department 

I appealed to all the government and electricity board to not to charge for electricity during lockdown please comment and share to your family and we are appealing and requesting all the boards to thinks on this asap if not then necessary action would be taken from people 

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