Mohit Gujjar The One Who Fought For Life Is Now Seeking For Support

 Mohit Gujjar  is an Indian bodybuilder from Sonipat Haryana urges people to support him said Zindagi see ladne wala aaj khud  Zindagi see haar gya 

Mohit Gujjar the one who fought for life is now Seeking for support 

Mohit Gujjar is an Indian bodybuilder who known for motivating thousand of youth to enter in the bodybuilding field 

he is a bodybuilder who known for posing with his 1 leg its impossible to pose at same time balance but our proud bodybuilder is doing this for many years

in 2010 Mohit Gujjar is been diagnosed with bone cancer during bone cancer he had to cut his one leg 

Mohit Gujjar is a 10x time  Mr. India Mr world Mr
. Asia  Mr. Uttar Pradesh Mr. Haryana participant  he showed a medal he won in India 

Mohit Gujjar is losing his life as he mentioned that he is not getting any financial support from the government as we all know athletes had been underrated in India there are no financial facilities provided by any of these sports authorities of India where this is the India who say fit rahega tabhi tho badega India or popular slogan like fit Indian movement all these words are just slogan which is only focused on international yoga day

he asks supports from officials to give him at least government jobs so that he can live and at least can cover his own expenditure  we know this is a tough time but for the government, it’s not new 

please share this article and help us to reach these voices to the Indian officials who only talk about fit India or India sports activities and he is the pride of India government should not ignore this  

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