Mass Purchase Of COVID-19 Drug “Remdesivir” Causes Shortage In Maharashtra Public Hospitals

Remdesivir Out Of Stock At Maharashtra Public Hospitals

 After battling with the Coronavirus for over 6 months, there now might be a hope for a first potential drug against the COVID-19. Remdesivir has become the first potential treatment against the COVID-19 as the drug has given positive results during human trials.

However, just days after Remdesivir was launched as a potential vaccine into the world market, it has gone out of stock. This has caused a shortage of the drug in Maharashtra Public Hospitals. After the U.S purchased almost the entire global supply of the drug, the quantity received by other countries is quite scarce.

India has also received its fair share of the COVID-19 drug. Accordingly, Remdesivir was sent to the worst affected states on a primary basis. But after all this, Maharashtra Public Hospitals is facing a mass shortage of Remdesivir. The bulk of the drug was sold to Tamil Nadu, who placed advanced orders of the drug.

Though Maharashtra constitutes almost 15% of the total cases in India, it is facing a mass shortage of Remdesivir

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