Twitch streamer Ludwig raising funds for the humane society and Saint Jude Hospital On every Subscriber

Popular twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren announce on 10 April Saturday on the last day of Subathon that Ludwig will donate $5 to the humane society and St. Jude  children hospital for every subscriber he gets which will be ending this Tuesday, April 13 at 9 p.m. PST

The humane society is a United State  based nonprofit organizations that humane society Dedicated to the treatment of all animals

 Saint Jude children’s research hospital was founded in the year 1962 the main focus of this Hospital is to give facility to children catastrophic diseases such as leukemia and other cancers the hospital cost about 3 million but they give facility for free without any charges so basically its nonprofit organization that threat from Infant to age 21

Subathon means it has the timer set up in every time when someone subscriber 0 countdowns or donate 500 twitch bits  the Streamer has set the timer to 31 days on the twitch stream

There are only a few hours left for Ludwig subathon which is going to make history soon also he will be Surpassing  a popular twitch streamer Ninja Belvin which has 269000 subscribe us while Ludwig has 2,60000 Subs a Historic Moment Awaited On Twitch comment your view below 

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