List of best indian apps announced by Pm.narendra modi

List of best Indian apps announced by Pm.narendra Modi

Few months before our prime minister of India announced vocal for local were over more than lakhs of apps and talents participated in  best Indian apps for local for the vocal project and the challenge won by apps are
These are the  made in Indian who won the competition for a vocal for local apps with the number of votes given by public and downloads which were announced by FM.nirmala sitharaman
also, pm announced a game creating apps for the Indian theme challenge where the participant are required to make Indian gaming apps with games of India like ludo, snake, and ladder or any game which has a theme of beautiful India
won apps are made by an Indian youth for Atmanirbhar Bharat which is awarded by PMO of India to the winner of apps, there are more than 20 apps to win best Indian apps for Atmanibhar Bharat

before describing winner apps check  best Indian apps alternative of Chinese apps made by Indian apps  developers which are supported by the prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

list of apps announced by pm Narendra Modi


Koo is a News and Opinion sharing micro-blogging platform. Discussions are around Indian News. It empowers people to express their thoughts in Indian languages with a strong knit local Indian community.

koo is an Indian application  alternative of twitter which is made in Indian koo apps is available in multiple Indian languages

there is no availability of English language only Indian state and cultural languages is been used

the koo apps are the same as twitter where user can make videos or write discussion, send messages and sharing news and gossip to other users

  • Share information
  • Create community
  • Engage with people
  • Express your opinion 


Chingari is a short video app similar to TikTok where you can use WhatsApp Status, Videos, Audio clips, Gif stickers, and photos. for entertainment

 Chingari used to lip-sync, creative art, funny videos where more than 2.5 crore users use Chingari apps
Features of Chingari App

  • entertainment
  • popularity 
  • become a star and influencer
  • create a fanbase
  • creativity    

Parents across Indi
a use Kutuki’s Early Learning app to help their Preschoolers and Pre KG Kids learn English and their mother tongue. Kutuki Songs and Stories are available in 
English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Marathi.

Kutuki is been awarded by gov of India for the app innovation challenge for Atmanirbhar Bharat
Features of kutuki app

·         Made by Educators. Trusted by Parents

·         Safe, Age Appropriate, Ad Free

·         Fresh, Original, Educational – Songs, Rhymes and Story Videos for Kids

·         Relatable and Loveable Characters that look and talk like your child to learn importantly life and moral lessons – positive behavior, patience, humility, determination and kindness.

·         Unique stories around Indian themes and Indian culture, Indian Morals and Indian Values and festivals – Ganesha, Diwali/ Deepavali, Dussehra/Dasara, Christmas, Ugadi, Bihu, Baisakhi, and many more!

·         Approved by Montessori and Kindergarten teachers. Curriculum-based themes, designed by educators keeping in mind your little one’s unique and growing educational needs.

·         Over 25 unique themes designed as per curriculum – Moral Stories, Science, Space, Health, Hygiene, Life Lessons, Math, Language, Phonics, Colours, Shapes, Safety, Transport, Family, Human Body, Senses, Animals, Songs, Bedtime Stories, Food, Nature and more

·         Letters – Kids Learn ABC with Phonics stories and tracing games.

·         Numbers – Kids Learn 123 with Number stories and tracing games.

·         Interactive stories, quizzes, and activities for kids.


   Top Apps Won Atmanirbhar Award


     FTC talents are talent management platform where you can showcase your talents to the talent hunters FTC apps are made for the user so that they can directly connect to talent hunter or directors to avoid getting spam casting and fraud in tv serials and movies organization
     Founded by renowned Bollywood Actor Suniel Shetty, FTC Talent Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is an online global platform that connects Talent to Jobs & Recruiters in the Media and Entertainment Industry. Whether you are an actor, singer, dancer, scriptwriter, director, producer, or crew member, is the biggest platform for you to showcase your talent and get hired!
     Zoho app is made by Zoho corporation  which has many apps here is the list of Zoho apps  available for free for business  
    1.Zoho mail
     Zoho mail is used for the business for getting mail id in the name of the business for free where user can add their web address as their mail id and run business smoothly
I      Zoho, mail user can share their workspace mail to the employees or mail handler as admin and editor

    2.zoho meetings

     Stay connected on the go! Host or join a secure online meeting with up to 100 participants and collaborate with audio, video, and screen sharing. Attend live webinars, participate in the poll, interact with organizers using Q&A, and raise hand and talk during the webinar on the organizer’s approval.
    Key Features
–  A video conferencing app to engage up to 100 attendees
–  Unlimited meeting duration
–  Collaborate through audio, video, and screen sharing
–  Conduct instant web meetings
–  Schedule online conferences
–  Sign in to view and start your upcoming meetings from anywhere
–  Dial-in numbers to join online conferences through your phone
–  Start and join cloud meetings easily through links
–  Attend webinars from anywhere
–  Participate in live polls during webinars
–  Raise questions during webinars

      3. MEMECHAT

     Meme Chat is the ultimate social networking app to revolutionize the world of memes. It is a social networking app made for meme lovers and meme-makers around the world!
     the meme chat app is an app for meme maker and meme scroller for both  where members can earn revenue by creating memes also meme chat is an also app innovation award winner by Atmanirbhar Bharat

     Features of Meme Chat: Meme Keyboard, Indian Memes App:

 • Get registered and start posting memes in a matter of seconds
• Create your own chats or join others by using a link.
• Use Meme Keyboard to explore, share and start trending funny memes on the go.
• Follow people and get followed by thousands of Meme lovers from around the world.
• A unique money making app where users will get an opportunity to earn from their creamy and original content created with the help of Meme Chat Stocks
• Earn points and stay active to be in the highest place on our leaderboard
• Use built in Meme editor, become an artist. Crop images, add stickers or text to create your own memes
• Get your Memes featured and earn start earning money
• You can go anonymous and be assured that your security and privacy is our priority

   these were the best Indian apps hope you installed this app and use it to grow and learn for future or in lockdown so that you have believed that you have learned something in this lockdown by not faulting 2020 for bad year make this year great and memorable and teach your friends and family to use these apps

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