List of Best Convection Microwave Ovens in 2022 

Have you been looking around for the best convection microwave ovens? Microwave cooking is increasingly gaining popularity and for good reason! It’s a fast and convenient device that allows you to heat your food, indulge in some tandoori food, and even bake. There is no limit to what you can cook in a microwave, and the best part is that it’s all low-effort cooking. 

However, microwaves can work out to be an expensive purchase. If concerns about cost are what’s holding you back you need not worry! Budget constraints are a thing of the past with Zestmoney’s buy now pay later scheme. ZestMoney provides you with an instant credit line in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is sign up and make your purchase from one of their partner stores. Owning a microwave has never been easier. Read on to find out about the best convection microwave ovens on the market!

  1. IFB 25l Convection Microwave Oven (25SC4)

This is a convection microwave which will leave you amazed. The auto cook technology in this microwave lets people roast, broil, preheat, and thaw 26 cuisines and flavors. Simply specify the kinds of food and its quantity, and the convection microwave automatically heats it at the optimal temperature. You won’t be waiting long for your dinner to cook thanks to the 2000 Watt power. To top it off, it has extra safety features like a child lock, overheating prevention, and sensor failure, making it one of the best microwave convection ovens at its price point 

Price: Rs 12,100* on Croma 

  1. FB 23BC4 23l Convection Microwave Oven

This 23l Convection Microwave Oven is one of the most innovative convection microwaves that IFB has ever produced. It is the best microwave convection oven available today. If you’re concerned not only with the operation of an electrical item in your home but also with its appearance, this convection microwave oven would be an excellent choice for your home. Its lovely and one-of-a-kind floral design will provide a great touch to your kitchen decor. Second, thanks to its energy-saving efficiency, this IFB convection microwave earns a well-deserved spot on the list of “best convection microwave ovens in 2020.” Manufacturers have done well to offer this particular feature while keeping in mind the financial concerns of smaller households. This microwave saves up to 40% more energy than the average microwave oven!

Price: Rs 11,390* on Amazon 

  1. Godrej 23l Convection Microwave Oven

 Godrej, an Indian company known for producing high-quality things at low costs, has one of the finest convection microwave ovens available. This microwave has a large cavity and a modern and stylish design with a touch keypad! It performs all the functions that a top convection microwave oven should (bake, grill, pre-heat, and defrost) while being exceptionally cost-effective. This convection microwave oven’s distinctive capability to ferment curd or idli batter (anything you prefer) at the push of a button is a fascinating function.  Have you ever heard of a convection microwave oven doing that?

Price: Rs 9840* on Reliance Digital


With a capacity of 19 litres, this Godrej microwave oven is an ideal option for smaller families. It can be used to bake, grill, reheat, and defrost, making it multifunctional. Surprisingly, the microwave has a  jog dial which most microwaves don’t feature today. This makes it a little simpler to use. A child lock is also included to prevent young ones from fiddling around with the gadget.

The diet Fry setting on the microwave allows users to cook foods with very little or no oil. A Roti Basket option is also available, allowing users to make their own Rotis without having to worry about burning them! It’s one of the best microwave convection ovens on the market because of its unique roti feature.

Price: Rs 8640* on Flipkart

There you have it! These are the best microwave convection ovens available and come with a variety of features that make cooking a hassle-free chore. You too could own one of these exceptional microwaves with Zestmoney’s buy now pay later, no-cost EMI. You can pay off the cost of your microwave in 3-4 easy installments which makes managing a monthly budget so much easier! To make things even more convenient, the  ZestMoney app allows you to manage your payments in one place. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

*These prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers.