kunal kamra roast again put him in trouble

kunal kamra roast again put him in trouble why everyone hates him?

kunal kamra roast  again put him in trouble as usual with his cringe videos  Kunal kamra is an Indian not so comedian always tries to create controversy he was knowns as cringe controversial person in India with his shit of video which he thinks is a comedy, Kunal kamra news is not a piece of news its a shit we don’t even want to write but we have to explain our audience why he is trended  

yesterday he made a video against controversial statement between youtube vs tiktok but the matter was finished but later kunal kamra raise it again by roasting carry minati on his youtube video 
already he was been banned by Indian airlines after he tried to tease Arnab Goswami on his personal space in flight and made a video
also creating controversy on bjp and congress where he didn’t know even a letter of politics he wants to be in controversies so that he can get views such a shameful comedian who wants people to fight not to laugh he should be banned from everyone shows this will give him proper punishment 

i hope you don’t support these fake comedians like Kunal kamra who wants to break Indians  like him please support if you find this video useful 

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