Kim’s Convenience: An underrated sitcom

Kim’s convenience is one of the most underrated sitcoms. It is a family friendly show and is genuinely funny and easy viewing.

The characters are hilarious and very likeable. The show is a Canadian show that is streaming on Netflix. The show covers so many current social and cultural topics with a thoughtful viewpoint.

The story follows a small Korean middle class family that owns a convenience store in Toronto. Kim’s Convenience revolves around the daily life of an immigrant family. The show is about the day to day family issues we all can relate to.

Here is why you should watch Kim’s Convenience :

Family oriented

The show is like watching your family’s daily routine. From all the fights, bittersweet moments, happy instances. The show has got it covered with witty jokes and great comical lines. Kim’s Convenience can be enjoyed with your family without a sense of second-hand embarrassment.

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Korean Cuture

The show highlights Korean food and Korean culture to a large extent which is something not so common in mainstream sitcoms but yes, there is a slight exaggeration at times.


The show is very wholesome and it has the cutest moments especially between Appa (Mr.Kim) and Jung. The father-son duo who aren’t always on the best terms indeed share the best bittersweet moments.

The show has some extremely catchy lines and the opening music and scene adds a little element of fun to it. Though there were a few Koreans who did not approve of the accent but there sure has to be a little criticism, right? The parents on the show Mr&Mrs Kim learn about today’s culture, different sexualities and try getting over their prejudices. They try to see the world and their children in a different way while dealing with various peculiar customers. The caring and humours approach of the show lingers in your mind.

Mr Kim’s (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) witty little jokes on his customers and his daughter while Mrs. Kim (Jean Yoon) finding a ‘cool Christian Korean boy’ for Janet will surely leave you in splits. The super rebellious son Jung ( Simu Liu) and the ambitious daughter Janet (Andrea Bang) are amidst the constant family spectacle while on the path of following their dreams.

The family dynamics are realistic while being comical and sentimental.

The abrupt end of the show on its 5th season has left all the fans confused and highly disappointed. In fact, the cast of the show are extremely surprised by this unanticipated decision.

Kim’s Convenience is a riot of emotions and surely is worth a watch.

Kim’s Convenience is now streaming on Netflix.

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