Kejriwal Lied People Died: New Controversy erupts in Delhi

Kejriwal Lied and People of Delhi Lied: New reports claim that Delhi Government underreported Covid-19 Deaths

Image: Twitter
In shocking news to the people of Delhi, the Government has allegedly underreported the deaths caused in the Capital City due to the Global Coronavirus Pandemic. CM Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia are reportedly behind the scenes. 
Kejriwal Lied People Died.

The Deaths that are reported by the State Health Department in its bulletin does not match the deaths that are registered with the Municipal Corporation. The Corporation’s figures are much higher than that of the State Government. People are claiming that Kejriwal Lied and People Died in Delhi.

The news came in plight when there was a sudden jump in the deaths reported in Delhi yesterday. The confirmed positive cases rose to 1,012 and Deaths were 82. This bulletin created fear and doubt in the minds of Delhi people and they soon verified that Kejriwal Lied and People Died.

Kejriwal Lied People Died

Senior Congress leader Kapil Mishra also tweeted from his account that there is massive underreporting of deaths due to the virus in Delhi. He targeted the Delhi Government and said that he had been saying from the 1st day itself that Delhi Government is not releasing the accurate reports to the public.
People expressed their anger over CM Kejriwal on Twitter. A popular Tweet, Kejriwal Lied People Died is trending on Twitter and is the most retweeted tweet today. The Delhi people also joined the momentum and questioned CM’s false reporting. Kejriwal Lied People Died is truly disappointing.

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