JusticeForShahabuddin Netizens Demands For CBI After getting Negative Covid Report of Shahabuddin

Shahabuddin is a popular political leader from RJD Bihar he was one of the who had contributed his full at Rjd party and created huge followers he was arrested and shifted to Tihar jail where he was founded covid positive also he had more than 45 cases against him and was arrested for a murder mystery and were in jail at Delhi Tihar with protective cell

A recent trend was witnessed on Twitter with #JusticeForShahabuddin Shahabuddin is An political Leaders from RJD Shahabuddin had lost his life due to covid 19 but Netizen who denying the reason given by DD hospital where the netizen came into action on Twitter for #JusticeForShahabuddin which currently #4 on Twitter

Shahabuddin lost his fight from Covid as declared by the hospital but after perceiving a covid negative reports neitzens get angry as the hospital had made a blunder even after getting the Negative results hospital hasn’t Given the Shahabuddin body to his family by stating covid reasons due to which netizen demanding #JusticeForShahabuddin also his follower were demanding #JusticeForShahabuddin near DD hospitals according to the reports 1 Shahbudin was covid negative, Tragic death Currently DD not provided the reason of death as per sources? he is Mla where he was admitted to low facility hospital? and his dead body is not handed over to his family even after being covid negative netizen claims of Being Murdered by Political conflicts

In some tweets, netizens got angry as their beloved leader is no more with them also blaming the Indian government for giving special conveniences to terrorist Chota Rajan as he was admitted in Aims and their political leader was admitted in DD hospital which has probably moderate facilities hospital

Readerscook is not in support of any political party nor any criminal

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