justice for daughter an 8 year old girl raped by 7 in tamilnadu

justice for daughter an 8-year-old girl raped by 7 in Tamilnadu humanity vanished?

in TamilNadu, 8 yr girl was hungry, went to the neighborhood asking for food but instead of giving them food, the girl was gang-raped by 7 neighbors. The world is silent as culprits are Muslims. Will feminists hold Placard writing as they did for KathuaCase?#justicefordaughter

justice for daughter

the arrested are identified as Mohammad Nooh  age- 75
 zahadasn        age -52 
 Zafir Hussain  age-53
Abdul Zafar      age-68

justice for daughter

the girl was raped by minor and old aged people are they worth of living their hands and they’re all pvt parts should be cut by law they don’t  deserve any  kind of court order or justice all they  should do is cut their all parts of the body and make them hanged in middle or center of the  road 
they are like  grandfather aged how can they rape such an innocent girl she is like a granddaughter what was the fault of girl which means she wants foods you guys will rape her for the food they  have no rights to live in this world they should be punished within 7days

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