The Indian Youtube community was completely shocked after the Youtube removed its most trending video of all time.
Carry Minati, the famous Indian Social Media Influencer posted a video one week ago, TikTok Vs Youtube: The End. The video gained tremendous popularity across social media and also Google. It had around 75 Million views and over 10 Million likes, the first time ever in the Indian Youtube History. It was also the fastest video of the world to gain over 10 Million likes in 1 week.

Carry Minati

The fanbase of Carry Minati was very disappointed over after the news of his video being deleted broke out. The angry fans took on social media and expressed their grievance. #bringcarryvideoback was trending all over social media, especially Twitter.
Youtube cited the reason for removing as a violation of terms and bullying along with harassment. This is a shame for the TikTok community as they can’t even take in roasting.

Moments later another sad story paved its way for the Youtube
community. Popular Youtuber Lakshay Chaudhary’s famous video also got deleted for the same reason. Lakshay was really very disappointed and posted a video on his Instagram and conveyed his fans that there is nothing he can do about it and he is stopping to post on communal and political grounds. He also urged fans to start a movement to bring his and Carry’s video back on youtube.


Carry’s Video Deleted: Right or Wrong?

The question definitely arises that was it the correct decision by Youtube to delete Carry’s video? Definitely, for Youtube, it would have been a tough call to delete its most trafficked video. But it had to as the controversy hit the doors of law.

From our point of view, it was totally wrong on Youtube’s part to delete a popular video without giving notice or obtaining the consent of the publisher. Social Media Roasting is just a small issue and there is no point in taking things personally. However, some mujra dancers take it very seriously and take advantage of religious grounds to go and hit the court.

When Carry had posted his video, everyone across every community had appreciated it and lauded his effort. Likes were truly unbeatable by the reports that were made on the video to remove the content. However, some TikTokers who really have no job in their lives, shamelessly take the wrong advantage of the law made for the people.

We are truly against roasting on communal grounds and we condemn harming any religion through use of social media.
But we are not with people who hit the court of law for personal roasting. If you call yourself a man, you should be strong enough to take in everything that’s coming against you and you should truly know the spelling on AGAINST. Shame on you a Popular and Shameless TikTok Star.


Is Amir Siddiqui responsible?

The doubt raised straight on to Amir Siddiqui after what happened yesterday night. Amir posted a video on his Youtube channel yesterday. In his video, he claimed that he is against cyberbullying and the video had around 2.6 million views.

The doubts were raised as the topic of Amir’s video and the reason which the youtube gave for removing Carry’s video was similar. #AmirAgainstCyberBullying gained momentum on Twitter yesterday and this gives a slight hint to us that it might be the Amir’s fans who reported the video.

However, no confirm news was released on this issue. The TikTok vs Youtube controversy is really going into dark light. The way people are taking it is really very disappointing. Social Media roasting is a daily topic and people should calmly take it and let it go. However, today’s generation is taking a disadvantage of the legal system.


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