Justice for Apurva, #JusticeForApurva: The Story of Apurva Singh, Delhi


May 17, 2020

New Delhi

Apurva Singh, a girl from New Delhi was continuously harassed online on social media since the 8 months. 
The issue was taken casually by the Delhi Police and the Cyber Cell till now. However, the netizens on social media have come in support of Apurva. They have made a popular trend on the ter platform with the hashtag, #JusticeForApurva.

Justice for Apurva
Source: Twitter

Apurva Singh posted a picture of her with a BJP Flag long ago. Since then, her picture was morphed and used in some vulgar and cheap posts. She then complains to the Delhi Police Cyber Crime Branch and registered an FIR. However, the police took too long to respond, nd now the public has come for her help. They have come with a movement, i.e, Justice for Apurva, #JusticeForApurva.

Justice for Apurva
Copy of FIR by Apurva

The netizens have blamed the Congress Party for the harassment. Many Congress IT Cell workers created pages that morphed Apurva’s image and have used it in a defamatory manner. The people claimed that the Congress has defamed the image of Apurva and Rahul Gandhi should speak to the justice of this girl. They also questioned that can’t a woman be a follower of BJP? #JusticeForApurva.

Online harassment has severe consequences. People are tweeting the Delhi Police to take action and punish the guilty.
According to IPC Section 397, there is a punishment of 2 years in custody and Rs.5000 fine for online bullying and harassment. The criminal negligence charges are higher for Defamation.

On behalf of Readerscook, I urge the Delhi Police to take action and give Justice To Apurva. #JusticeForApurva.

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