Journalist Vikram Joshi Shot In Front Of His Daughters In Ghaziabad, UP, Has Died On Wednesday!

Journalist Vikram Joshi
Journalist Vikram Joshi, 

Journalist Vikram Joshi Shot Dead In Front Of His Daughter In Ghaziabad, UP!

Journalist Vikram Joshi, who was shot in Ghaziabad, UP on Monday evening (July 20), has died on Wednesday (July 22). Vikram Joshi was shot at in Ghaziabad near New Delhi in front of his two daughters. This shocking attack on Journalist Vikram Joshi took place near his home and the entire brutal attack was captured in a nearby CCTV.

Vikram Joshi was traveling on his motorcycle along with his two daughters when a group of men assaulted him on Monday evening. The group of men opened fire on Vikram around 10.30 PM on Monday following which he was taken to a nearby hospital. On being brought in, doctors said he was in a critical condition. 

Following this incident, nine accused have been arrested so far and two policemen have been suspended. Journalist Vikram Joshi had lodged a complaint regarding his niece’s harassment. This is the reason Vikram Joshi was shot dead in front of his two daughters in the Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad.

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