7 Ways in which Jewelry Display Cases Compliments your Merchandise

There is a major difference between brick and mortar and e-commerce retail, to initiate a physical customer-product interaction. The in-store displays an important role in drawing a customer’s attention towards the product. The displays of retail stores play a very important role in driving conversions. Based on research, window displays alone influence 24% of retail purchases. Which is even before the customer has stepped into your store. Imagine the influence while the customer is inside the store. Many shop owners have the habit of overlooking such important factors. here are the 7 Ways in which Jewelry Display Cases Compliments your Merchandise

Jewelry is one of the biggest investments a customer can make. While going by the stores, products that are the best in quality and design can only hold their attention to your store. But the only thing that can help is a suitable jewelry display case. Display cases can make or break the connection or exchange between the clients and your merchandise. Now, we know how crucial a part display cases can play in your retail business. Store owners must buy jewelry display cases that complement their merchandise in the best way possible.

Different Styles of Jewelry Display Cases

When it comes to jewelry stores, owners want to turn their store into a beautiful exhibit. But keeping in mind that it is a store and not a museum, the deigning should be minimal and classy. Being the owner of a jewelry store there are many factors that influence your decision to buy display cases. Keeping safety in mind, one must choose displays with lockers. And not to forget the design and style that showcases the merchandise well and initiates a connection with the customer. There are several ideas for how jewelry display cases can be like:

7 Ways in which Jewelry Display Cases Compliments your Merchandise
  1. A full view display case. It can also act as a counter.
  2. Half-view cases have cabinets under the display.
  3. Wall display cases. They fill out the most out of the available sales area.
  4. Towers display cases. They showcase small jewelry items such as earrings that can rotate and give a full view from one angle.
  5. Glass is a timeless material for merchandise display cases. It is completely invisible that improves the chances of drawing customer attention and driving sales.
  6. Acrylic is a popular alternative to glass material. The visibility attributes are the same but acrylic is difficult to break and will not break from any slight impact. It is lighter than the glass material.
  7. Wood is the most commonly used material for constructing display cases. It can convey a variety of looks, it is your choice whether you want to show the color or paint it so that it combines with your store décor.

How a Jewelry Display Case Can Impact Your Customers

When it comes to jewelry stores, without a doubt, the display cases play a very important role in attracting customers. Choosing the right display case can drive conversions, thus it is important to know how jewelry display cases impact your customers.

Use Proper Lighting

Bad lighting can overshadow the quality of jewelry. Lighting plays a crucial part in showcasing the natural shine of jewelry. For jewelry display cases, LED lights are the best. Lights inside the case and overhead will direct the perfect amount of shine on the jewelry.

Use Mirrors Strategically

Using mirrors in your display cases can enhance the jewelry items. Mirrors can small items appear larger and make customers feel more welcoming.

Do Not Crowd Your Display

As for the customers, purchasing jewelry is such an emotional and important investment, the success depends mostly on the presentation. Some jewelry stores do not even contribute 20% of their floor space to the display and instead, they crowd their display to compensate for the limited space. This will only create visual confusion for the customers and make it hard for them to decide what to buy.

Put Similar Items Together

Rather than placing a random piece of jewelry items in a case, one should always group the similar-looking items by type, size, and color in a single display case. It helps create coordination and looks organized. The customer does not feel it is too small or overwhelming to look at.

Refill Your Display Cases as Items Sell

Avoid empty display space as it makes a bad visual impact on customers. To avoid losing sales, keep refilling the display as the items sell.

Design a Plan for Display Construction

Store owners must use a plan to design display cases keeping in mind the space and design of their store. It helps them occupy the space efficiently for display cases without crowding.

Keep Photos of the Finished Displays

Keeping photos of the finished displays handy, help sales associate restocking displays every morning without making any error and filling new merchandise into the right place and display quickly.

The aim is to highlight and promote every merchandise properly so that it can drive sales. Owners must consider all these factors in deciding the right display case for their jewelry store.