Jagannath temple land to be sold

Jagannath temple land to be sold


Lord Jagannath owns 60.426 acres of land and about 150kg of gold in Odisha. The government of Odisha has started the process of selling 35,272 acres of land of the temple in odhisha itself as well as six other states.

Odisha Law Minister Pratap Jena, in a written reply to questions in the state assembly, quoting the wealth of the temple, said that the temple administration could prepare final Record of Rights (RoR) over 34,206.734 acres of land. He added that the temple has already lodged 386 encroachment cases in different tehsils and sold 341.308 acres of land to recover about Rs 10.64 crore, steps are being taken to dispose of more such land after their recovery.

But the government has no plans to open the ‘Ratna Bhandara, which contains gold and silver ornaments, as the state’s items are safe inside it. The government has also formed four commissions to bring reforms and solve various incidents related to Jagannath temple.


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