How to Use Looped Video to Make Social Media Videos More Engaging

How to Use Looped Video to Make Social Media Videos More Engaging

How to Use Looped Video to Make Social Media Videos More Engaging

Social media video content is insanely popular. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down. That is one reason brands are scrambling to use video marketing to capture the attention of their target audience.

Nowadays, social media is visually driven. A variety of video formats have come into existence. One of the most infamous is looped videos. These are short video clips that play repetitively. GIFs and memes will probably ring a more familiar bell.

Brands should learn to loop a video and add it to their social media content plan. Doing so can encourage anyone who is scrolling aimlessly through their feed to stop and watch.

The Perks of Using Looped Videos

Ever since GIFs came about in the 80s, they have maintained their spot on the internet landscape. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Budget-friendly

Whether you are a content creator or a small business owner, you know that videos are costly to make. A short clip that you loop to play over and over again is a sound solution to budgeting concerns when it comes to video marketing. There are online video editors that let you create, edit, and export your looped videos for free.

  • Quick and Easy

Anyone can create short video recordings using a mobile phone or an online video editor. The great thing about GIFs is that it doesn’t need to be high-resolution or cinematic. Raw footage, duplicated for repetitive playtime, will do.

  • Fits a Person’s Attention Span

In this age of digital information, the human attention span has become shorter. Users are likely to watch the first eight seconds of your video before moving on. That’s why shorter videos get higher brand metrics and recognition.

Common Uses for Looped Videos Online

Looping a video is a versatile technique to enhance social media engagement. Most social networks can play looped video content. The best places you can showcase yours are in:

  • Facebook covers, stories, and pinned video posts
  • Instagram news feed and stories
  • Twitter posts
  • Youtube channels
  • TikTok posts

Aside from social media networks, you can add looped videos to email newsletters to clients, partners, and potential customers. You can also loop short video recordings seamlessly to create a continuously playing video banner on your website landing pages and blogs.

Tips on How to Loop Micro-Videos

Now that you understand the benefits you could reap out of looped video content, here are a few tips to help you create effective ones to promote your brand and to encourage engagement from your followers:

  • Some social networking sites auto-loop short videos or at least offer the option for it. If you want to make sure that yours does, use an online video editor to trim it down to the part you want to play repeatedly.

– below 30 seconds for Facebook

– three to 60 seconds for Instagram

– 6.5 seconds for Twitter

  • If your video clip is a bit longer than the accepted lengths mentioned above, edit and duplicate the recording several times to create a looped video. It will ensure that your short video plays in a loop when you upload it.
  • Add looped GIFs to long video ads to make it more interesting.
  • GIFs are soundless. Adding titles or short captions will help engage viewers even when their computer or mobile device is on mute. They make great memes, too.
  • Incorporate an appropriate audio clip in case the viewer wants to turn the volume up.
  • Change the aspect ratio of your looped video to fit the social media platform you wish to use.

Get in the Loop

Who knows what the future holds for this video-obsessed world? Knowing how to use looped social media videos to create fresh and innovative content will give your brand an edge over the competition. More importantly, it keeps your current customers and your target audience ‘in the loop’.

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