How to Spot Danger from Forklifts

Red zone lights are necessary for forklifts that operate in logistic operations. They keep pedestrians and employees safe from the forklift’s swinging arm, thereby reducing the chances of accidents. As known already, the red color is meant to signify the word ‘danger’, which is why it fits in perfectly. Forklift warning lights may be red or blue, and these can be purchased from dealers online. 

How to Spot Danger from Forklifts
How to Spot Danger from Forklifts
  • Buy or Rent from a Top Dealer

Companies can order Red Zone forklift light from a number of vendors in the market. However, to receive a healthy mix of price and quality, they must deal with well-known dealers. The best forklift and forklift part dealers have many years of experience, enabling them to understand customer needs well and provide suitable products. Also, they are authorized dealers for various forklift part manufacturers. It is easy to dig out more information about these dealers online. 

Red forklift lights should ideally be used inside warehouses, although there is no rule as such. Projections of red beams on the floor warn pedestrians to maintain safe distances from the machine. If not, there are always chances of accidents like foot injuries and others, often caused by rear end swing.

Warehouses store different kinds of items across racks. Forklift trucks are designed to lift these from and into the racks, often located in dimly lit warehouses. To allow forklift operators to see obstacles in their paths, red and blue forklift lights play major roles. 

  • Strong and Pack a Punch

The importance of safety in a workplace can never be ignored, especially in the case of a warehouse or dockyard. Forklifts are heavy machines, and they have to be maneuvered carefully by skilled operators. Lights on the overhead guards help operators spot the paths ahead. Even though they operate at low speeds of only 7 kmph at the most, they can still be hazards inside warehouses and on public roads. Although OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) doesn’t consider them as mandatory, they are highly recommended for ensuring safe workplaces.  

  • Installation

Blue lights are very common on overhead guards, and this placement prevents them from being crushed or knocked off in the course of daily operations. Top sellers of these lights and other forklift accessories provide the contact numbers of engineers to help out in case of new installations or repairs, as well as defects. 24/7 Customer support is also available from well-known companies, where the support executives are highly trained and responsive.    

  • Benefits of Installing Red Zone Lights
  1. Safety – The primary reason for installing these lights is workplace safety, meant for pedestrians, forklift operators, and everyone else
  2. Convenience – Employees are able to work more comfortably with these lights on forklifts since the zone can be seen in red color. Red will prevent them from venturing into certain risky areas, thereby reducing worries for operators as well.
  3. Flexibility – The lights can be fitted on the sides or rear of the forklifts. Operators can adjust them as per individual needs.
  • Always Check Part Warranties

Do not think about renting or purchasing forklift parts without suitable warranties. These warranties are meant to ensure that unnecessary expenditures are not incurred in case of manufacturing defects and in certain cases of repair. All parts may not always be covered under warranty. However, knowing about this before making the purchase would be the best way to prevent future discord.

Red and blue lights are predominantly used on construction vehicles. Apart from forklifts, individuals will be able to see them on the following types of vehicles as well:

  • Tanks
  • Fire Engines
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Mining Vehicles
  • Excavators
  • Road Rollers
  • ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles)
  • Logging Trucks
  • Avail Discounts

Forklift parts like red and blue lights, wireless cameras, radiators, brake systems, and others are normally ordered in bulk, whether for rent or purchase. If this policy is followed, the chances of getting bulk discounts from dealers are pretty high. Of course, the nature of discounts varies among companies. A lot of these dealers allow B2B customers to ask for custom quotes, available to them at no extra price.  

Lights for forklift trucks can be in either halogens or LED form, with the latter being pricey. However, discussion with dealers could help lower the rates. Proper knowledge about the existing rates would be helpful before trying to negotiate.

Parts such as red and blue zone lights must always be installed by company professionals and not by self. Not only will it ensure proper installation, but any kind of manufacturing defect cannot be blamed on the client. One should not give the dealers a chance to question the installation of the light. As far as expertise goes, Technicians from top companies will use their expertise and put them into practice with the latest tools and equipment at all times.