How to Register On GP SIM card | GP Simcard Registration

GP SIM is also abbreviated as Grameenphone, which is the leading Telecommunications Service provider in Bangladesh and Hrameenphone was the first GSM technology Company in Bangladesh.  There are more than 79 million subscribers of GP and 46.3% subscribe market share. It is a joint company of Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporations. Where telecommunication company from Norway, owns a 55.8% share of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom owns 34.2 % and the remaining of that which is 10% is publicly held. How to Register On GP SIM card

The GP was found in 1997 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the CEO of GP is Yasir Azman, Which was founded by Iqbal Quadir Muhammad Yunus. The headquarters of GP is in GP House, Bashudhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The productions of GP are Mobile Telephony , EDGE , GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDRA ,HSUPA , HSPA , HSPA+, DC- HSPA+, FDD-LTE , VoLTE , ViLTE. lets dive into the main topic How to Register On GP SIM card

How to Register On GP SIM card

There are two ways if you want to register on the GP SIM card. By dial *121*1500# and there is another way by MyGP App which is available on the Google Play Store. So the steps are following.

  • For registering you need to dial *121*1500# and press 1 for registering for the service.
  • There is another way also, that you can do is via MyGP App. Just install the MyGP App from Play Store and you need to register your GP Mobile number in the App. This another way for registering your GP via MyGP App.

How to Transfer Balance GP to GP

There are a few steps to transfer balance GP to GP which are given below.

  • The next step is, for transferring balance open your dial pad and dial *121*1500 then press 2 and follow the instruction given.
  • The customer should have 6 months old Grameenphone network or should recharge 300Tk or above at a time in order to be eligible for the service of Balance Transfer GP to GP.
  • The recharge limit is a Minimum of 10 BDT and a Maximum of 100 BDT.
  • The count of the total recharge in a month is 10 times.
  • There is a rule that only prepaid subscribers can avail themselves and can transfer the balance to any prepaid or Postpaid subscribers.
  • And the last one is no Cost or service will be done if a person transfers an amount of BDT 50 to another, BDT 50 received by the recipient.

How to Change the PIN of GP

Many times you have to change your PIN, because of time requirements or personal reasons. So there is give how you can change the PIN of GP. For changing the PIN of your GP, just you have to dial the same no. *121*5100# and press 3 then follow the given instructions. You will get your PIN changed by doing this.

How to Check GP Internet Balance

This is so simple to Check your GP Internet Balance like you as simple as your call to someone. Just you need to dial *121*1*4# in your dial pad of your Phone and you will easily get the Internet Balance of your GP Number.

How to Solve GP Network Problem

To solve GP Network Problem, you need to go to set your phone and there are some steps for solving your Network Problems.

  • Just go to your setting and in the  Mobile network Section >> Go to Access points Name and you will find a GP INTERNET under this section. By editing in GO INTERNET you can solve your network error problem of GP.
  • There is a chatbox of GP where you can chat with GP customer care and solve your Network Problem. Or you can Mail to GP customer care at

GP Customer Care Service

  • 121  for Product and Service related Customer Service
  • 158 For Customer Service for Complaint.
  • for Customer Service for Query, Request and Complaint.
  • For live chat with customer care.
  • 01711594594 for Hotline for calling from other operator numbers.
  • 01700100121 For Customer Service hotline for GP customers while in roaming.
  • 21200 for Mobicash Service & Nirvoy Insurance.
  • 20000 for Health Line.
  • 4000 for Welcome Tune Service.
  • 24444 for Migration: Nishchinto, Bondhu, Djuice.

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