Thinking about going thrift shopping? What if I said you could make money out of it? Today, I am going to give you insights into the latter. Since I was a kid, I saw my mom go to Sarojini, get cheap clothing, redesign it and then sell it at higher prices. And being the daughter of a fashion designer, I had to ask her to brief me about this and write about the process.

Why is bulk thrifting popular and beneficial?

Places like Sarojini and Karol Bagh provide you with clothes at a cheaper rate and when you buy their clothes in bulk, they might bring their prices even lower and you end up saving up on a lot of money, some of which you can use to give an alluring new look to your clothing and sell them to earn profits.

How to actually do it?

On the internet, you can find tons of ways for you to add a new and unique touch to your clothes and accessories but have you actually wondered how it should be done so that you can easily sell it further?
You’ll have to take extensive care of professionalism when you run your scissors through your clothes. Simply adding a frill to shorts can do it for you but will that piece of clothing actually extend its support in providing some goodwill to your brand? No.

So we need to execute this process in a legitimate manner.
Steps to success in the redesigning market

  1. Get a catchy brand name- Brand names play a great role in giving your clothing and accessory line a good standing in the fashion market
  1. You can also attach price tags and stuff to your clothes because it helps you to distinct your lining from other similar brands in thee-market.
  1. Register your brand online- The registration process on sites like Amazon is very easy and you can start your e-business step by step from there.
  1. Provide adequate details- One drawback that you might face when running your business in this context is that your customers might not always find the desired color, size, or design. So you need to make sure that you mention all these details beforehand to avoid any confusion.
  1. Don’t keep a lot of margin between the actual price and selling price in the starting- When your brand is just getting started, you cannot charge extreme prices from people. Also, you’ll have to manage a budget for the redesigning and accessories.
  1. Photography and advertisement- The photography of your product will matter a lot. There is a way of showcasing your product as a classy one and you don’t need expensive cameras for that! It can simply be done from your mobile phone and with great lighting.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your business now, from home. And don’t lose hope, your sales will take off gradually but efficiently if you follow the above-stated steps.
Thank you !

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