How to prevent Plagiarism in your content while writing?

How to prevent Plagiarism in your content while writing? in 2020

How to prevent Plagiarism in your content while writing?
To start with, you need to understand what plagiarism is and why is it taken as such a negative act. When you use something that you don’t own, it is taken as theft. The same is the case with plagiarism as you use content that does not belong to you. Submitting copied content is taken as a big offense which is why content writers are always advised to work on scratch written content. If you talk about why plagiarized content is submitted, the main reason is that writers do not adopt the correct method for checking.

Checking the content manually does not work well

Using manual methods to check content has two kinds of disadvantages for the writers. First of all, they should be prepared to spend several hours checking the content. Even after spending so much time, there is no assurance that the check will be performed successfully. There is every chance that the writer may not be able to go through everything. In a nutshell, even after spending so much time, there is no guarantee that everything will be scanned properly.
·         Content writers work with a timeline in hand so they have to be sure that every task is accomplished according to the planned date. Even a small delay can put the overall submission at stake. This is the reason why they should make sure that time should be saved wherever the possibility exists.
The use of a plagiarism tool is surely an incredible option to handle this requirement. It is software that runs through every part of the content and if there are any copied sections, they would be highlighted. In terms of workload, this is a big relief for the writer since no manual checks have to be performed.

How to prevent Plagiarism in your content while writing?
·         The use of a plagiarism checker is also encouraged since it is a simple tool to use. As a writer, you do not have to learn the application and then use it. In terms of time, this is an incredible alternative. At times, writers have very strict submission dates and have to deliver more than one writing task at the same time. This is where the problem begins if the writer is not using a tool for checking plagiarism. He has to pause what he is doing and then check the content. With this tool, no time is wasted and writing submissions are completed on time.

Plagiarism checkers do not come with a heavy cost

A major reason why users do not use soft wares is that they come with a heavy cost. This statement is not factual for all tools and some of them even come without any charges. The plagiarism tool is one of them. It is completely free and the writer does not have to pay for any of the features.
·         Consider that you are working as a freelance writer and need to produce content for one of your clients. It is obvious that you would not have the budget to use expensive tools. In the case of plagiarism checkers, you do not have to think about all this. The reason being that a plagiarism checker is completely free so any user can use it without having any apprehensions in his mind. He can simply focus on content compilation and once the task is complete, he only has to perform the check using the tool.

How to prevent Plagiarism in your content while writing?
·         It is not possible for most writers to opt for paid tools since they have a large cost attached to them. As these tools simply do not have any cost, writers can perform as many checks as they wish to. Whether it is one article or hundreds of them, the task would not cost anything. For writers, who have to deal with several submissions, this is the best way to perform plagiarism checks. It is a lot easier than reading each line and seeing whether it is original or not.

Plagiarism checkers do not consume a long span

Time is a critical factor when you are working as a writer. Suppose that you have to produce an article on one week. This means that everything related to the article has to be completed in that time span. If as a writer, you have to spend more than 50 percent from the total time on checking plagiarism, it simply means that the overall submission will be hampered. This is nothing but taking a major risk and writers should avoid it by all means.
·         If you have a look at the overall span needed by a plagiarism checker, it is quite small. Irrespective of the word count that you upload, the checking time will not be more than a few minutes. Now, if you compare it to the time duration that manual checks require, a lot of time will be saved by using the tool. You do not have to worry about consuming long hours because that will not happen.


Plagiarism checking is not an optional activity that can be exercised according to the wish of the writer. He has to be sure that the content is checked properly prior to submission. In addition to that, there should be no loopholes in this case. This means that if one part is checked and the other is not proofread properly, even then, the content will be counted as copied. Hence, the goal is to adopt a careful approach.

Another thing that you need to have an eye on is the tool you are using. It is not intelligent thinking to count on every one of them since a lot of them have reliability problems. It may happen that a tool may seem suitable to you but the performance may be below expectations. Therefore, a better thing is evaluating the application and then making a judgment.  At times, writers are not careful while picking the plagiarism checker. They do not have a look at the performance level and once the check is done, they make a submission without checking anything. After that, they have to face issues due to the substandard performance of the tool.

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