How to Find the Best Inverter Battery in India?

The summers in India are getting hotter and the average daily temperature in India is increasing with each passing year. And therefore, power cuts are becoming all the more unbearable. In a scenario like this, inverters have become a necessity for Indian homes and since your inverter battery plays one of the most important roles in providing the required power backup, you need to make sure that you buy the best inverter battery in India. But then how does one find out which is the best inverter battery available in the market? Well, to answer that question, here are 3 simple steps that you need to follow. Let’s take a look.

How to Find the Best Inverter Battery in India?
How to Find the Best Inverter Battery in India?

Step 1 – Calculate Your Load Requirement

Your load requirement will help you find out the right battery capacity of your inverter battery. To calculate the load requirement, you need to add up the total power consumed by each appliance you would need during the power cut. So, let’s say a home requires 8 LED Lights (7 Watts each), 2 Tube Lights (40 Watts each), 3 Fans (70 Watts each), 1 LED Television (70 Watts), and 1 Refrigerator (140 Watts) during a power cut.

The total load requirement comes out to [(8*7)+(2*40)+(3*70)+(1*70)+(1*140)] = 556 Watts

You can now use this value in the formula for battery capacity.

Battery capacity = (load requirement * backup-time * aging factor) / (battery voltage*battery efficiency*inverter efficiency)


Inverter aging factor = 1.25 (constant)

Battery efficiency = 0.8 (constant)

Inverter efficiency = 0.8 (constant)

Battery voltage  = 12V (in most cases)

Required Backup = 2hrs (assumption)

Battery capacity = (556*2*1.25)/(12*0.8*0.8) = 181 Ah

Recommendation – Always go for a battery with a 5-10% higher battery capacity. That’s because a battery’s charge holding capacity deteriorates with time. So in the above mentioned scenario, it is advisable to go with a battery with a battery capacity of around 200 Ah.

Step 2 – Select the Right Type Of Battery

Batteries can be categorized into two major types – Flat Plate Batteries and Tubular Batteries. Both the batteries are a type of lead acid battery. However, they differ from each other in terms of battery capacity, maintenance, longevity, storage space, and other such factors. Here’s a comparison between the two batteries based on these factors.

Battery Capacity (Battery Backup) – Flat plate batteries come with smaller battery capacities and, are, therefore, recommended for homes that are situated in areas that face short-duration power cuts. Tubular batteries, however, have higher battery capacities and are therefore recommended for homes that lie in areas that face long power cuts.

Charging Speed – Flat plate batteries charge more quickly as compared to tubular batteries. So, if you live in an area where power cuts are frequent and the gaps between two subsequent power cuts are usually not long enough to fully charge a battery (with a slow charging speed) then you should go for a flat plate battery.

Maintenance – Tubular batteries require less maintenance as compared to flat plate batteries. They require less frequent water top-ups, too. And though they are expensive as compared to flat plate batteries, they offer peace of mind.

Longevity – The tubular batteries outdo the flat plate batteries in this aspect, too. They come with longer warranty periods as they have longer life spans spread across 3 to 5 years. Flat plate batteries, on the other hand, have shorter life spans, and therefore, come with shorter warranties. But since the price of the battery is directly proportional to its warranty, you shouldn’t bother much if a battery offers a shorter warranty.

Storage Space – Flat plate batteries take up less space as compared to tubular batteries. And if you compare the long tubular batteries with short tubular batteries, the long ones take up even more space. So, if space constraint is a concern, one should opt for flat plate batteries.

Step 3 – Buy From a Reputable Brand

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an inverter battery. And that’s because there are a plethora of companies out there selling inverter batteries and all of them claim to be the best. So how does one find out which one’s actually the best? Well, for that you need to do things like read online reviews, read about the company’s history, check out their range of products, and find out about their after-sales service terms and conditions. Last, but important, do not choose a brand just because it offers products at cheaper rates.

If you want to buy the best inverter battery in India and are unsure of the brand you should buy from, we recommend you to check out the wide range of inverter batteries that Luminous India has to offer. They are one of the most reputable inverter battery brands in India and have been delivering innovative products in the power backup segment for several years now.