How to find out your Election Candidates? Just follow these steps

How to find your Local Election cnadidates?, How to find your Local Election cnadidates online in 2020?

The right to vote is an inalienable right for any adult under universal adult franchise in any democratic country where national citizens have all right to choose the candidate of their own choice without getting influenced by others. However, most of the voters in our country during Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections are just aware of the main leaders of the political parties and are not aware of the local candidates who are contesting the elections in their electoral area. Getting aware of the leaders contesting the election in your electoral area and choosing the right candidate is the process you must follow. 

It is ironic for our country that the main political leaders are the highlights of the elections and the local candidate no matter how much good or bad he/she is at working is not given much importance while voting for the right party. 

If you want your electoral area to be developed and want to choose the right candidate who can work for the welfare of the society keeping Nepotism, surrogacy, corruption, etc. aside then you need to be aware of the candidate standing in the elections in your electoral area. 

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How to find out our Local Election Candidates?

In earlier times, it was quite difficult to know who is contesting elections in your area. For this purpose, you need to attend political campaigns and rallies which are quite time-consuming. However, with the advent of E-Governance under the Digital India initiative, all Governmental reports and details are on your fingertips under the rule of RTI. You can apply of Voter Card and extract the information regarding the electoral polling in your area. If you are viewing this article, then you can easily find out your local election candidates.  

In order to find out your local Election Candidate, you have to follow these steps:
  • Visit the website of Election Commission of India, 
  • Visit the candidate-political parties section
  • Under this section, go through the candidate section and navigate through this section and find Candidate Affidavit.
  • Click on this option and go through the list. You can easily navigate your local electoral area and check out the list of the candidate contesting election in your electoral area. This section will provide you with complete details of the candidate. 

How to Find out your Polling Booth?

How to find your Local Election cnadidates?, How to find your Local Election cnadidates online in 2020?

It is important to reach the correct polling booth of your constituency in order to cast your vote. Voters can search for their polling booth on electoral or use the Voter Helpline App, developed by the Election Commission. They can also call on the number 1950, which is the voter helpline. It is important to add the STD code of your city before the number. For help regarding the Polling station location, one needs to send an SMS <ECIPS> space <EPIC No> to 1950.

The right to vote is the ultimate right given to the citizens of the country with the right use of which you can change the destiny of your country. Hence, use your right wisely. 

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