How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Your Phone

They target passwords, internet behavior, and mail traffic: Once they’re in, a keylogger on your phone spies on your important personal data. The spy apps are among the nastiest representatives of their guild. These apps are used to hack your Android phone or iOS device and must be removed. We tell you how to detect, remove and protect yourself from keyloggers.

Sitting at your phone or computer late at night and composing an email to your new work colleague? Be careful; your better half could be reading along; some people monitor their partner using keyloggers to control all their activities on the World Wide Web. 

An American study shows that women, in particular, snoop on their loved ones on the internet. A third of the female participants admitted to having searched their boyfriend’s e-mails more than once in the study. Among men, the figure was 14%. In contrast to women, they use other methods: 3% monitor their partners with hidden cameras, for example, and 2% have planted spyware on their partners to monitor them on the internet. Particularly jealous or suspicious people have a keylogger, a supposedly appropriate tool in hand to track down suspected infidelity activities of their partners. 

There is a key distinction here – software keyloggers hide as programs on a PC, where they register all keystrokes and take screenshots. They switch themselves unnoticed within the operating system and pass on the information they read.

On the contrary, hardware keyloggers are inserted like a USB stick inserted into the computer where it registers keystrokes. It is small in size but has a large memory, which makes monitoring stealthy but effective. The data collected surreptitiously is then sent via the Internet to the spying clients – who by no means have to obtain their hacking tools through dark channels: Some keyloggers are sold officially and legally.

How to Detect Keylogger on Your Phone

How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Your Phone

You may notice it in your partner’s behavior. If he suddenly knows more about you than possible, this could be a soft hint that he might be spying on you. But if you’re still unsuspecting, you should be vigilant. Additionally, it could also be a malicious individual who is trying to access your private information to scam you.

Your Phone Becomes Slower Than Usual

A keylogger can be a rather heavy application on any phone, especially since it relays all the information from your device to an online database for your partner or a hacker to access. As a result, if you suddenly notice that your phone has become slower, this could be the sign of a keylogger on your device. 

Your Battery Drains Out Much Faster Than Usual

Another sign that there’s a keylogger on your phone is that you will notice your phone’s battery draining out a lot faster than usual. The average user knows how long their phone’s battery lasts, so if you notice that your phone is draining out much sooner than usual, this could be a strong sign of a keylogger on your phone. 

Be on the Lookout for Suspicious Hardware

Trust me, trust you: A suspicious look at the various ports on your phone or computer is highly recommended. After all, even the sharpest virus guard won’t help with hardware keyloggers. In order to locate the keyboard port intermediates, you should rely on your common sense and sense of sight: If something unusual is stuck somewhere, it is more than suspicious. The simplest method is simply to regularly inspect the hardware you are using, especially the keyboard and the cables connecting the keyboard to the computer.

Use an up-to-date Virus Scanner.

Many keyloggers can be detected with the help of an up-to-date virus scanner. After a completed scan, all questionable programs and infected files are displayed in a list – the keylogger also appears here. If your phone or computer is infected with the spy program, it will be listed in the overview and can also be removed safely and easily right there.

Use a Password Manager

How to Detect and Remove Keyloggers From Your Phone

You should not only protect your login data at publicly accessible Internet terminals – but it can also be advisable to secure sensitive access information on your phone or computer. Sticky Password Free, for example, offers password management and makes all your data safe from unauthorized access. This way, keyloggers don’t get a chance to grab passwords and access data. The program manages your access data with a master password so that no one can access your data without your intervention. If necessary, you can alternatively use a USB stick as a backup. The integrated generator creates passwords of any length at the push of a button and copies them to the clipboard for a short time.

Install Anti-Spyware

It’s best to make sure your PC stays clean from the start. To protect against software keyloggers, you can keep your phone or computer up-to-date with anti-spyware programs – we present four of them.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are various ways in which you can detect a keylogger on your phone. While people’s partners and spouses often use them, they can also fall into the wrong hands and be used by malicious individuals who could use your personal and private information for the wrong reasons. 

If you detect a keylogger, a keylogger removal tool can remove it, or you could always perform a complete factory reset. However, remember to take a backup of all your data before you go ahead with this process! You can always find more information on research-driven websites like Good luck and stay safe on the internet!

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