How to cover your face without a mask

How to cover your face if you don’t have a mask while heading out during Covid-19

Before this pandemic, most of us had never even worn a mask in their lifetime. We’re all caged inside our home and are only allowed to step out for some essential work. Do you remember to wear a mask every time you step outside your house? I guess not! Even I don’t, it’s okay! We are all humans. But not to worry I’ve got you covered up. I will share with you some tips which will help you in making anything a mask in case you’ve forgotten to wear it while stepping out. 


The production of Face Masks has increased at an immense rate in our country, but still, we are finding it challenging to meet all the mask’s requirements. The factories are not able to increase the rate of production of masks as the rate of consumption is increasing. We also have to find some alternates of the face mask. What to wear if you are not carrying a mask? Also, while we are discussing masks don’t forget to take other precautions while heading out like Sanitizing your Hands regularly and use of PPE kits.

Why is it important to cover your face

        According to the instructions from the government, it’s been compulsory to cover your face with anything either by a Face Maskor any cloth to slow down the spread of COVID-19. 

        The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) issued that it is compulsory to cover your face with any sort of cover, especially in public places where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. These places include a Grocery store, pharmacies, while traveling, and other public places.

        It is essential to cover your face even without a face mask as virus droplets spread between people via respiratory droplets while interacting, coughing, talking, or sneezing. Covering your face in public will allow you not to infect yourself as well as others if you or the other person is infected. Covering the face will stop the spread of the virus from one infected person to another person. 

        Almost 67% of people who are tested Covid positive are those who haven’t covered their faces in public places. 


Safety tips for covering your face 

These are the safety tips you should follow while covering your face with any mask or cloth. 

  1. Make sure the mask or the alternate of masks includes multiple layers to protect you from coronavirus. 
  2. Fit evenly and comfortably along the cheeks and side of the face. 
  3. Choose the face cover, which allows you to breathe easily without any restriction.
  4. Children under two should not wear a face mask or any sort of covering on the face. 
  5. People who have breathing problems also should not wear any type of cover on the face.

So, what to do if you are not carrying your face mask or Fogger Machine when you head outside in this pandemic? Many people who do not have masks are coming up with alternatives to masks. Here are the backup solutions to cover your face even without a mask: 

What can I use as a face mask?

cover your face without a mask
cover your face without a mask

California Department of Public Health recommends the following ways to cover your face without a mask:








When you are out of your home without any face mask, then these alternatives will surely help you a lot to be safe from the coronavirus. There are different types of substitutes for both the genders. Like, Bandanas, Dupatta, and towels are specially mentioned for females, and for males, there are handkerchiefs, T-shirts, and sweaters.

You can use them as per your need to be protected from the coronavirus. Towels, Scarves, and handkerchiefs are, in fact, common for both the genders and can be easily used to cover your face without a mask.

How to wear Scarves and Dupatta 

cover your face without a mask
cover your face without a mask

Scarves and Dupatta are the best alternates for a face mask. They not only prevent us from the virus but also from dust and dirt suspended in the air. If you forget your face mask at home and you have Scarves and Dupatta, then you don’t have to worry. They show the same effect as a face mask.

To wear scarves or Dupatta, hold them from both the ends, cover the middle part of the Scarves or Dupatta on your nose and mouth. Give it one full round around your face passing from the ears and back part of the skull. Let the two ends hang onto your shoulders. This is an innovative way to cover
your face even without a mask. 

How to use Bandanas

You can use Bandanas as an alternative to the mask as well. You can use Bandanas as you use the mask but the difference is that you just have to tie a note or stretch it around your neck. It is as simple as that.

cover your face without a mask
cover your face without a mask 

How to cover your face with a T-shirt or Sweaters

Use these methods if you are left with no other choice. They are only meant to be used in an emergency.

In order to use a T-shirt or Sweater as a mask to cover your face, hold them from the neck portion and stretch it upwards till it reaches your nose. This way, you can protect your nasal cavity and mouth from viruses and bacteria. 

cover your face without a mask
cover your face without a mask

How to use a towel and handkerchiefs

cover your face without a mask

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To use a towel and handkerchiefs to protect yourself from coronavirus, place the cloth or a towel onto your nose and tie it from behind.

So, now you are aware of what to use in an emergency if you are not carrying a Face Mask.It is your responsibility to keep your neighbors and family members safe by following the guidelines stated by the Government. Stay Safe!






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