A complete guide on how to choose a perfect handbag

Handbags are considered women’s best friends. A good handbag can either make or break your style. Handbags are often used to store woman’s belongings, like money, cosmetics, medicines, phone, cards, home keys, etc. But in the last few decades, handbags are used as a fashion statement that can be a head turner and can add a million stars to your outfit. Not just the style, durability, and space are other two major factors that make a handbag such an important accessory. so let’s get started with the topic of how to choose a perfect handbag

A complete guide on how to choose a perfect handbag

There are a number of handbags which can be used for different occasions like shopping, office, traveling, college, etc.


There is a handbag for everything. A woman knows what she wants and for different occasions, she needs a different bag. Today, we will discuss the different types of handbags available along with their uses:


 Shoulder bags nothing more than your regular bags that women carry for everyday use. These bags are large and spacious and have an amazing carrying capacity that can accommodate all your regular necessities.


The best bags to be carried to the office are satchel bags. Satchels can be used to create a statement look at the office. These can be used both as laptop bags as well as handbags. These bags can fit in all the basic needs for a day at the office.


 The small, compact, fashionable cross-body bags which are most commonly seen by women worn for casual occasions are none other than the sling bags. These are the most casual yet stylish head-turners nowadays. These come with a long strap which can come over the shoulders or cross-body. The strap is adjustable and can be as long and as short as you feel it to be comfortable.


 Clutches are perfect small bags for your special occasions like a date night, dinners, weddings, other functions, etc. They are easy to carry, and yet look sleek and fashionable. You can carry your minimal needs in a clutch and yet manage to look so elegant, sophisticated, and sober. Clutches are one type of bag that can never go out of style.


 Wristlets have a small band-like strap that comes around your wrist, it is another form of a wallet. It is compact and easy to carry. It can be used when you have to go out shopping or run errands. These bags are perfect to carry your cash, cards as well as your lipsticks.


 As the name clearly suggests is a waterproof bag, which can be used for your perfect day out at a beach. It is waterproof and can accommodate your basic needs while you are out having fun at the beach without having to worry about the bag being wet or damaged.


PRADA offers a lot of comfortable and durable handbags for all occasions and uses. To get Prada bags in UAE, you can go to the official stores and you won’t be disappointed with the service. To help you choose the best bags, you can check with the following points at the PRADA store:

  1. THE BAG SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE TO CARRY Comfort comes way before fashion. So, never compromise with this one factor. The strap shouldn’t be slipping off the shoulder and should not push your shoulder out in an uncomfortable manner.
  2. THE BAG SHOULD NOT BE TOO HEAVY: A bag is one accessory you have to carry all day around. The material used to make a bag decides its weight, and that extra detailing on the bag can make your bag way heavier and uncomfortable.
  3. LOOKS DO MATTER WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION: A good bag should always be aesthetically beautiful. Colors and all the extra detailing can make your bag an ultimate fashion accessory. You can create a perfect fashion statement with that beautiful bag on your shoulder. 
  4. VERSATILITY IS AN IMPORTANT FACTOR: Versatility is an important factor. You should always choose an evergreen bag which should go with all your casual, formal or special occasions. While choosing the right color, you should go for a color palette that goes with all the common colors in your wardrobe.
  5. NUMBER OF POCKETS IS ANOTHER DECIDING FACTOR: The most important thing women look for is enough space to accommodate their makeup, cash, etc. There should be the right pockets to keep the cards, cash, and everything else well organized. 

Choosing the right handbag is not easy, but if you know what you are looking for, the job becomes a lot easier. So, if you go out shopping for a handbag, make sure you keep the above-mentioned points in mind.