How The “Rich” Actually Makes Money In Covid Pandemic

how The “Rich” actually makes money  In Covid Pandemic
how The “Rich” actually makes money In Covid Pandemic

Let me explain actually how The “Rich” actually makes money Do you know that rich people secretly want the market to fall and crashed? Just go look at the numbers of people who became super-duper rich during the 2008 crash.
Same at the time of the Dotcom boom.

So How do rich people make money while the rest of the world lose it? Well, there are many factors and they have a smart team to do the work.

But I’ll give you a basic explanation. So imagine someone selling Maggie, biscuits, etc… for half the price cause he wants to close his shop next month.

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What would you do? Even if you don’t or haven’t shopped at that place you’ll still go and buy everything you can which won’t expire. Right? That’s what rich people do…When the market falls. They literally take their “Cash” which is Liquid. And they go around shopping. And they buy everything which is on sale and supposedly go high one way or the other in the upcoming time.

Just look at the stats…Elon musk, jeff Bezos, these guys didn’t suffer from the pandemic. Infant their wealth increased tremendously. So how can you do that as well? Let’s take the stock market for example. Go and start to buy shares of the companies which is at its worst but the company’s product and industry are not supposed to doe anytime soon. Find 2-3 companies like that put all your money into it and let the clock ticking

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