How Can You Customize WordPress Website Themes with Elementor


How Can You Customize WordPress Website Themes with Elementor

There can be an instance where you might have installed a WordPress theme but are not entirely happy with it. A few changes or tweaks to the theme are needed to complement the site’s design and style. The good news is there are several available options to help you carry out these changes to get the desired look. However, choosing the option is not challenging -the real problem lies in carrying out the changes in the right way that most people are not aware of.


How can you customize your WordPress Website?
How Can You Customize WordPress Website Themes with Elementor

How can you customize your WordPress Website?

Before understanding the process on how you can customize your WordPress theme, you need to know about the different options available for you to do so-

· For added theme functionality, install plugins.

· You can use the customizer in the admin of the WordPress screen. You can use it to personalize layouts to some extent, color, and font as per the theme you have chosen.

· Use the page builder theme and its features to personalize the website design.

· In case you have already installed a theme for the framework, you can use the child themes available for personalizing the site with other customization options with the admin screens.

· If you need a specific theme for your website and have no issues with it, you can directly edit its code.

· If you wish to edit the codes of third-party themes, you should create a child theme.

If you want to customize WordPress themes and edit codes, there are additional options available for you. The block editor should be used, or you can use the customizer to edit the files.

Create a better user experience with the right WordPress Theme

Besides the overall appearance, some themes hamper performance. It is here that customization becomes a necessity for the business to attract and retain the targeted audience.

You can build a WordPress Site with Elementor Pro

Elementor plays a vital role in helping you to modify the site elements promptly with a few mouse clicks. You have the liberty to optimize these features for mobile platforms too. It makes –

· The process is more straightforward as it uses dynamic content.

· You can instantly preview the webpages.

· This helps you to evaluate how the changes will affect your content and site.

Themes control the design of the website. Creating a WP theme generally involves working with the code editor and theme files. The changes to the layout take place in the files of the template, and modifications can be made to these files via the CSS. It would help if you refreshed the window of the browser several times to get the desired effects. This process involves a lot of hassles and is quite cumbersome for most professionals.

To arrest the above issue, Elementor steps in to make it the process easy. Web developers strive to ensure design consistency. Creators and web designers ne
ed to ensure it; however, maintaining this task is a challenging affair. The task becomes more difficult when you continuously need to add fresh content to the website. The more pages you build, the trickier it is for you to maintain design consistency.


How Can You Customize WordPress Website Themes with Elementor
How Can You Customize WordPress Website Themes with Elementor

WordPress Theme with Elementor, and its salient features

Developers generally do not want to deviate from the style they choose. The task becomes challenging when they need to incorporate changes insisted by clients in big projects. However, there are innovative controls that help you manage the above changes without hassles under Elementor Pro.

In addition to the above to customize the website and you can –

1. Incorporate changes across the website without codes.

2. You do not have to use the theme customizer. The settings of the theme can be changed with Elementor.

3. You can maintain consistent designs across the entire site.

4. Keep the default style of plugin or Elementor widgets. However, when working with Elementor Widgets, you first need to disable default fonts and colors.

Seven Steps to customize WordPress Theme with Elementor

Following are the critical steps via which you can customize WordPress Theme with Elementor –

1. Install WordPress with Elementor Page Builder.

2. Go to the dashboard.

3. Go to Plugins.

4. Select Add New.

5. Enter Elementor in search.

6. Click Install.

7. Activate.


Three Steps to insert any Elementor Template

The following are the steps for you to insert an Elementor Template-

1. Go to the Elementor Editor.

2. Choose Add Template.

3. Browse through the paid and free templates.     

To understand how the Elementor Templates work, choose one that gives you insight into the different elements of how the page is made. If you find this task difficult, hire WordPress Developers to do the job for you.

An insight into the structure of Elementor

Every page in Elementor is created of columns, sections, and widgets. The sections segregate the page into horizontal rows. The columns divide every section into vertical columns. For widgets, you need to drag and drop them in the column.

Experts in WordPress Development Services say to add new widgets onto a page; you need to delete anyone widget in the inserted template. You should click on the widget and click on the X icon. After this step, look for the widget button and drag it to space from where the previous widget was deleted.

Global Theme Design in attractive styles and colors

If you are searching for global styling, the Elementor Version 2.9 offers you a wide array of choices when it comes to images, buttons, headings, backgrounds, etc. Elementor has taken WordPress theme development to a whole new level now.

When it comes to global design for your WordPress Theme, Elementor helps you do the job easily directly from the user interface. You do not have to alter even one line of code, nor do you need to reload the browser window at all.

Customization of the WordPress Website becomes more straightforward when you use Elementor. The job is more manageable and helps you to create professional layouts effectively. You can choose your brand colors and create a site that not only looks unique but stands out in the market as a high-performance portal too!


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