How Can an AI Help Desk Support Transform a Company?

How Can an AI Help Desk Support Transform a Company?

All modern-day businesses depend on computers to complete important tasks on time. But computers aren’t error-free. Be it a virus attack or a simple password problem – IT issues can seriously damage the productivity levels of employees. That’s why most companies have IT troubleshooting departments where employees can turn to if there are some IT problems. However, IT professionals aren’t available 24×7, and they can’t resolve multiple issues simultaneously. Employees may spend hours waiting for IT support. 

These issues are worse in larger organizations where the number of complaints piles up to cause significant damage to productivity levels. Hiring more IT professionals takes a toll on the company’s budget. For instance, manually resolving help desk issues costs $22/ticket. Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence offers these companies a more time and cost-efficient solution. 

What is AI Help Desk Support? 

AI is transforming the process of getting desk assistance from IT professionals. AI-powered chatbots or ‘virtual agents’ can directly communicate with employees and resolve repetitive service requests and low-level problems like

·         Password resets. Gartner reports that 40% of all service desk requests involve password resets. 

·         IT issues that have simple algorithmic fixes.

·         Unlocking accounts. 

·         Troubleshooting problems in company email systems.

·         Freeing up storage space by deleting redundant tasks. 

Investing in top-quality AI Help Desk Support can help companies cut down their IT spending. Plus, IT departments can focus on higher-level problems. These virtual agent assistants consistently mine data to improve their efficiency. They have direct access to information such as – ticket trends, infrastructure data, status information, etc.

Unlike human agents, AI-powered virtual agents don’t need much time to draw information. They boost the human agents’ capabilities, considerably reducing the time it takes to resolve tickets. Virtual assistants can be shaped to help any type of company. These systems don’t take ‘breaks,’ and their capacities can be improved just by increasing the number of servers. They can offer IT support in multiple languages. By automating these processes, companies can save a lot of money. But, cost-efficiency is only one quality of these AI-powered help desk software. They also offer – 

Instant Ticket Management

AI-powered help desk software can keep track of every employee issue and every ticket. They have in-built ticket management algorithms that enable them to prioritize tickets on the basis of their importance and urgency. For instance, an AI-powered virtual agent may be designed to prioritize data loss over password-related requests. These features help companies solve important issues in a time-effective manner. Centralizing all tickets and problems also enables these AI-powered virtual agents to detect trends and predict future issues. 

Assistance to Human Agents

Contrary to belief, AI-powered virtual agents are not here to overtake their human counterparts. These virtual agents can help human agents improve their work. As stated before, AI-powered virtual agents can automatically prioritize tickets on the basis of their importance. This prioritization technique can be used to aid human agents. Before service desk requests reach the human agents, they can go through these prioritization algorithms and get ranked in terms of urgency and importance. Human agents receive the most important requests first. They optimize their performances with the help of these AI-powered virtual agents. 

In the future, AI-powered virtual agents may help companies become self-sufficient in terms of IT solutions. For now, these virtual agents can help IT, professionals, by handling repetitive or unimportant tasks. 


The best AI-powered virtual agents collect and analyze important data concerning agent workload, help desk productivity levels, employee satisfaction after they’ve received support, etc. All of these metrics, when tracked, can severely boost an organization’s collective output. Managers can assess these reports to discover new ways of improving workplace productivity. AI-powered virtual agents can also be customized to report other data as well. By leveraging these advanced algorithms, companies can explore more data points at a much faster rate. Using these AI-powered tools, managers can discover intuitive insights into their employee interactions and create new ways of improving staff efficiency. 

Customize Support 

AI-powered Help Desk software can be customized to offer personalized solutions for employees. IT agents, too, can receive personalized assistance from these tools. For instance, these tools can automatically update company dashboards so that managers can monitor the status of each IT-related issue in the office. Some of these AI-powered tools can also be customized and made available on employee cell phones. Employees can receive 24×7 support and have virtual agents respond to them immediately. 

Save Time 

AI-powered Help Desk software tools can leverage big data to help companies save a lot of working hours. Many companies have reported drastic reductions in working hours after they started using these tools. Less waiting time, fewer phone calls, and increased availability of desk resources help organizations resolve IT-related problems faster than ever. By 2023 every large-scale enterprise will have these AI-powered tools at their disposal. 

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