Graphene Oxide and its Properties

Graphene Oxide powder is majorly used in the laboratory where its great mechanical and thermal properties make it suitable for various uses. It is prepared using the raw material graphite, which is then chemically processed to make graphene oxide flakes in the form of a monolayer.

The following properties of this powder make it immensely useful:

  • It puts out a variable sheet dimension
  • It is an odorless powder
  • Graphene Oxide powder disperses in polar solvents and enlarges in water
  • It comes with a pH of 2.2 to 2.5
  • One of the reasons to buy graphene powder is that it can be processed at high concentrations
  • It can be purchased as per different particle sizes
  • Its monolayer content, according to 0.5 mg/ml, is >95%
Graphene Oxide and its Properties
Graphene Oxide and its Properties

Structure of Graphene Oxide

The chemical structure of this powder is majorly dependent on its individual synthesis method and oxidation degree. It gets an interlayer spacing that is about twice as much as graphite, and it still manages to preserve graphite’s layer structure.  

Pay a Reasonable Price

Graphene Oxide powder can be purchased at highly reasonable rates for organizations in different fields. In most cases, the powder is ordered in very large quantities and this will make the client eligible for bulk discounts from reputed sellers. Graphene Oxide is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Membrane Filtration
  • Thin film batteries
  • Water Purification
  • Desalination
  • Optical Coatings
  • Optoelectronics
  • Chemically resistant coatings
  • Transparent Conductors
  • Solar Cells
  • Flexible Electronics

Remember to Choose Good Quality Powder

All top sellers of Graphene Oxide will ensure that the powder is always of the highest quality. In case of any kind of complaints at any time, they will also resolve these without any delays. Companies and labs require Graphene Oxide powder that is a suitable mix of quality and price. Only the vendors who are able to offer consistent quality to their clients every time are the ones who will get regular business.

Tough to Produce

Clients will not be able to procure graphene very easily as it is difficult to produce. As a result of this, there are only a few vendors for graphene in the market. Therefore, clients have to plan their purchases in a manner such that they can manage even in the case of unexpected future shortfalls. On the other hand, Graphene Oxide powder can be produced easily. Customized requirements for the same can be handled by many well known vendors.

Graphene Oxide and Electric Insulation

It is a recognized fact that Graphene Oxide works much like an electric insulator due to the disturbance of sp2 bonding networks here. Decreasing the amount of Graphene Oxide helps recover graphene’s honeycomb lattice, which is suitable for recovering electrical conductivity.

Graphene Oxide in Supercapacitors

Graphene powder exists as a thin material that looks like a thin coating, and is present on supercapacitor electrodes. Being thin and durable makes it possible to use such a material. Electrodes are found to be coated with a number of nanoscale layers of Graphene Powder.      

Customer Feedback is Necessary

Every manufacturer endeavors to create high quality Graphene Oxide powder and looks to obtain feedback its B2B customers. This feedback does not hold true for these and other powders, but also materials such as planetary mill jars. A manufacturer will always aim to put the best foot forward and ensure customer needs are matched, thereby generating positive feedback.

Detailed information about graphene powder will be visible on the company website itself. Specifications are always visible on company websites, thereby helping make purchase decisions easy. However, companies selling these products always ensure that sale is a transparent process. Ordering in advance will always help to plan operations.

Comparison Between Graphene and Graphene Oxide

Though they might sound very similar, there are clear differences between the properties of the above two materials. Graphene Oxide manages to overcome the weak points of Graphene.

Some of the major advantages of Graphene Oxide are as follows:

  • Low Cost of Production
  • Can be Processed Easily
  • Produced in Large Scale

One of the areas where Graphene loses out is electrochemical activity, which is weak in its case. Functions of both are primarily dependent on modifications of their internal structures. There are four main methods to make Graphene Oxide, but many variations are available, and these are only getting better with time. 

Graphene Oxide on its own is not a good conductor, but many processes help to improve its conducting properties. It is cheaper than graphene, which is why companies are willing to spend on them.

Storage Techniques

Correct storage methods ensure that Graphene Oxide powder can be used for long. The use of a lab refrigerator is one such method. In other words, it must be possible to fit quantities ordered into various refrigerators. At times, storage can turn into a major infrastructural challenge.