3 Reasons To Get A Good Medical Answering Service

3 Reasons To Get A Good Medical Answering Service

The benefit of using the medical answering service is that patients can contact the call center easily, irrespective of the time. They can answer patient’s queries, respond to voice mails, send appointment reminders to patients, and do much more. There are several different types of medical answering services available to healthcare professionals. When choosing which type of telephone answering service to use, it is important to consider the level of support that the company provides. Some companies may only have one or two dedicated agents who take all calls and redirect them to the appropriate locations. This option is great if you only have one location because you do not want to miss any patient calls. Other medical answering services offer higher call volume limits.

These companies may not only have high call volume limits, but their agents can even answer calls from patients who are not on their preferred contact list. If you run a small family practice with fewer than four doctors, it is best to go with a company that limits call volume. If you have doctors who are located throughout your state, you will not benefit from having too many callers trying to reach your doctors. However, some companies do allow you to have high call volume if you meet certain criteria, such as having a high percentage of Medicare or Medicaid patients. These are some of the reasons behind choosing a professional medical answering service. Let’s take a look at the following,

  • 24 Hours Availability

The important feature of medical answering service is 24-hour customer service. Patients get the help they need at any time. There are no interruptions when the nurse is in a call with another patient. The staff evens out shifts and does not make too many calls in a day. These things make patients satisfied customers who often recommend the company to their friends and relatives. The medical answering service can answer calls during business hours but will take the majority of their day off to meet with patients who call during non-business hours. Customers can be assured that the agents who speak to them are highly qualified and very experienced in their work. Each of these agents knows how to answer calls professionally. Patients are assured that if they have a question, it will be answered quickly and in a professional manner. The representatives take pride in knowing that 99.9 percent of all calls are answered by someone who actually has experience in their field. So, this is one of the reasons why people get medical answering service.

  • Cost-effective

Medical answering service is advantageous because it saves money. Most companies provide reduced prices for premium services such as call answering. Hence, medical answering services do not get much competition. Since most doctors’ offices and clinics use this type of service, customers have the assurance that their calls will be answered promptly and professionally. The agents do not waste time on non-urgent calls such as vacation home maintenance or housekeeping. They devote their time to patients with urgent health problems. They know the etiquette of answering phone calls of patients so that they can feel at ease. However, the cost of the medical answering services can be influenced by a couple of factors. Generally, the medical answering services that are HIPAA compliant always demand a higher price than the non-HIPAA compliant medical call centers. But, price shouldn’t be the only determining factor as it can ruin the experience of the patients in case the staffs are not qualified to handle the patients.

  • Multiple Communication Method

Some other healthcare organizations prefer to use multiple phone system for their patients. This system can be an answering machine or a voice mail box. Although some of the larger healthcare organizations use these two options, smaller practices prefer to keep their own phones and only rely on the second phone system when necessary. Since these phones are usually hand-held and small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, there is no need for a staff member to carry it around. Plus, the staff can answer the phones more efficiently this way because the chances of a patient having to wait on hold while waiting to speak to a live person are slim.

Finally, you should find a medical answering service that has highly trained receptionists to handle the inbound calls. Some companies only offer voicemail, which means that the patients call center agent will leave a message for the patients before they can leave a message in order to keep them satisfied and prevent them from leaving a voice mail unanswered. If you have live callers at your practice, it is imperative that you have a receptionist to take all incoming calls in-house. Having a highly trained receptionist can help your practice to cut down on medical appointment inquiries.

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