Friendship between Banana seller Ashish and Karthik is viral

the friendship between popular lecturer Karthik and Ashish who sell banana near Vasai road became friends who been loved by millions

Friendship between Banana seller Ashish and Karthik is viral 

Ashish is a small kid who sells banana near Vasai road  and Karthik is a lecturer who made a new little friend Ashish which got viral on the internet  users is admiring little Ashish as his inno
cence cleary can be seen in a video where he kept good banana inside the stall for Karthik 

Karthik was on the bike and suddenly Ashish said “Uncle kela lelo” Karthik went to see and slowly they became good friends  Karthik used to came often to buy banana where Karthik ask this cute little boy that how he manages his life he skipped his playing time and sits from 8 am to 7 in the evening to sell 

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Karthik asks where is his mom so Ashish replies mom is at work this fruitful conversation of Ashish clearly shows that being a small kid he is enjoying what he is doing but on the same side this is not right as he should be in school or should be studying, playing learning new things these not the age to work but this pandemic for food it becomes the responsibility 

Karthik gift him a pouch, notebooks, color pencil for studies and tells his mom to help him in his study Karthik also asked about his birth date but he hasn’t celebrated his birthday in his life forget celebrating he does not even remember the date of his birthday the only thing he knows is survival for his family 

Karthik daily brings something for his best friends Ashish and he so happy which can be seen in his innocent eyes  Karthik is an example of real friendship which clearly seen as there is no age matters no money only pure heart needed to be like Karthik  he helped small vendors by buying from small vendors instead of malls or online grocery shops  

a huge thank you to the Karthik who showed us the real meaning of friendship and his kindness these pandemic is tough for everyone but a small support can help this vendor to get motivations Karthik  and ashish is an amazing human we wish him all the best for his future there is many ashish near you be karthik and show ur friendship make a video and share to Readerscook Instagram and follow Karthik official Instagram account from here

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