Finding Out Your Skin Type Easily.

Finding Out Your Skin Type Easily.

Why does finding out skin type matter?

We all need help with our skin in some way or another. Even if you currently have clear skin with no pimples does not mean that you are safe from the devil that is bad skin. Basically, Finding out your skin type helps you learn how to help your skin. This is very important because when you’re using the wrong products you’re not gonna see the result you’re looking for. Finding Out Your Skin Type Easily.

What is a Skin Type?

Skin type refers to the hydration level of your face. Moisture and hydration are necessary in order to have good skin. When skin isn’t hydrated that means we start to see wrinkles appear, dark spots, flakiness, and other issues. By learning which skin type you have you’ll be able to understand how you can best help your skin get the most hydration while looking the absolute best. Finding Out Your Skin Type Easily.

How to find your skin type?

Step 1:

Use a gentle cleanser while you shower. Take a small amount of cleanser and foam it up in your hands and gently rub it across your face. Rub it for 30-45 seconds before rinsing off.

Step 2:

Do not moisturize or do anything to your face for an hour. Make sure you don’t go outside into the sun or anything.

Step 3:

Stand in front of your mirror and closely examine your skin.

  • If you notice shininess almost looking like you’ve sweat a little bit and kind of reflectiveness➡This means you have OILY SKIN.
  • If you notice your skin feels tight or stripped almost like there’s no hydration, or if you notice some flakiness or a ton of tiny little lines whenever you make facial expressions➡This means you have DRY SKIN.
  • If you notice that certain spots are really shiny while other spots feel tight or stripped ➡ This means you have COMBINATION SKIN.
  • If you don’t notice any tightness but you also don’t notice any creasing, if your skin seems to look fine you’re lucky ➡This means you have NORMAL SKIN.

Another way to find your skin type

Look at the size of pores

  • The bigger the pore the more active the skin is in creating oil therefore you’re more likely to be oily.
  • Similarly, the smaller the pore the less oil your skin is producing therefore dry.

Also, people say their skin type is sensitive. The fact is Sensitive skin is not a skin type but rather a skin condition. You can have sensitive dry skin or sensitive oily skin. Sensitive skin means your skin is more prone to inflammation or adverse reactions.

Now that you know your skin type you can now proceed with finding products that’ll work best for your skin and save you a lot of money.

so here we have covered the easiest way to Finding Out Your Skin Type Easily. we hope it helps and also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram

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