Facts You Show Know About Tissue Paper

Tissue or tissue paper is made from recycled paper pulp and very lightweight. This paper is widely used for various applications and disposable. You will appreciate knowing the facts highlighted below about this kind of paper. Understanding the various features of this paper will help you realize the kind you need for your requirements.

Tissue paper has a gauzy texture and sometimes it is fairly transparent. You can get glazed, unglazed, and crepe tissue paper to match your needs. This paper has minute thickness making it highly portable and storing it in a box or container is a breeze. Tissue paper usually comes in white and looks so good before use. However, you can also buy colored tissue paper in about 70 shades. A paper machine produces tissue paper from paper pulp.

Quality tissue paper is very good at absorbing water because of the through air-drying process during production. Additionally, this paper has a good amount of Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft and Bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical Pulp. These give tissue paper exceptional strength and water absorption capacity also known as wet strength.

Types of tissue paper

Custom tissue paper

You can buy custom tissue paper from a reputable supplier to match your needs.  Regardless of the type and how much paper you need, you can make a customized order. Tissue paper printed with your logo is a wonderful marketing tool to build your brand. Besides, you can have the paper printed with your brand name or logo in a color of your choice.

Soft tissue paper

This is tissue paper people usually use for emergencies such as when having a cold or throat problem. The paper is soft to the skin and does not irritate when used on the nose, mouth, neck, or face.  Sometimes people use soft tissue paper to remove makeup at the end of the day. It is actually the commonest type of tissue paper people use.

Tough tissue paper

Unlike soft tissue paper, this type of tissue paper is a bit hard although not rough on the skin. People use tough tissue paper for wiping surfaces of furniture. It is also the type of paper used to make toilet paper.  This durable tissue paper is also ideal for cleaning liquid off surfaces because of its exceptional absorbent properties that allow soaking up substances.

Perfumed tissue paper

This is a fancier version of regular tissue paper. Perfumed tissue paper has a uniquely fresh fragrance like lemon, jasmine, or rose. People use this tissue paper to wipe sweat or clean dirt off their faces while traveling.   The scent of these wet wipes leaves the person clean and feeling fresh. Perfumed tissue paper is great to move with between meetings or while on a long trip.

Various uses of tissue paper

Hygienic purposes

Tissue paper for hygienic purposes is known as a paper handkerchief. It is in form of household towels, bathroom tissues, and napkins. Basically, people use this tissue paper to maintain hygiene. And, there is no doubt about the quality results after using this tissue paper.

Facial cleaning

The type of tissue paper used for this purpose is soft with great absorbent properties. Facial paper removes oil, creams, sweat, and dust from the face. Sometimes, this paper comes in handy to manage nasal expulsions.  The paper is packed in boxes designed for convenient retrieval for those moments when it comes in handy. It is strong to manage various substances, soft, and lint-free.


Tissue paper is also helpful for cleaning purposes as paper towels. This type of tissue paper is rolled or folded to enhance its strength before use. Additionally, embossing this paper during the converting process makes it gain more absorption and cleaning strength. Tissue paper for cleaning is made from recycled paper or virgin pulp or a combination of the two materials.

In the toilet

Lastly, there is tissue paper for use to improve public and personal hygiene. In 1890, the Scot Paper Company introduced tissue paper on a roll in North America safe for the septic and sewer. Toilet tissue paper  is now essential for daily living whose use offers comfort, convenience, and sanitation.

Why use tissue paper

Using tissue paper is sustainable. The paper is made from wood fiber obtained through sustainable harvesting. Sometimes, recycled paper is used to make tissue paper which preserves natural resources and guarantees the availability of raw material for future generations.

Additionally, there are various innovative ways of using tissue paper. Custom printed tissue paper with your company name and logo comes in handy for marketing purposes. Besides, people can use tissue paper for various purposes including gift packaging and for crafting projects.

Bottom line

Tissue paper is a wonderful invention that is very useful today and in the future. Apart from home use, you can use branded tissue paper to market your brand. Moreover, using tissue paper is sustainable and allows you to play a part in protecting the environment.

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