Dharavi : Dharavi Recorded One Corona Positive Case Today A Story Of Victory Against Corona

Only 1 corona positive case recorded today in Asia biggest slum  Dharavi read full story   

Dharavi Recorded One  Corona Positive Case
Dharavi : Dharavi Recorded One  Corona Positive Case Today A Story Of Victory Against Corona 
Dharavi the largest Asia slum recorded only one corona positive cases till today as the majority of residents are low earner who earns 4-5k per month as being lockdown its too tough for them to stay at home but the way they control themselves is appreciated  
the struggle they had was to have 2 times food and to save themselves from coronavirus 
there were more than 15000 COVID cases in Dharavi and  the whole Dharavi was sealed due to an increase in cases but later the cases fell down drastically after a proper lockdown rule implemented in Dharavi 
Mumbai slums life is to tough as they use the same toilets and bathrooms and the houses in Dharavi is too close to each other  were more than 10 people live in small 1 room kitchen due to their struggling life residents have to be in a line to fill the water and to use public toilets after all this struggle Dharavi maintained social distancing every society had to learn from the Dharavi

Especially there is a lot of efforts of the volunteer team and the testing team who are  testing every Dharavi residentials every day .the doctor and nurses who are day night for the services and police who maintained the distances and rule for residential and the NGO who are providing 3 times meal to the residentials of Dharavi 
Mumbai people blamed slums for the unhygienic increase in corona cases but today the Dharavi has lowest cases meanwhile Mumbai big residential flats have more cases then Dharavi this shows that slums are too better in hygiene these days where the wealthy citizen blamed slums for an increase in case of Mumbai and today they are continuously asking for the tips to reduce corona cases and asking helps from dharavi 

we salute to Dharavi corona warriors you did it .


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