DarkSydePhil Removed from the twitch partner program

DarkSydePhil Removed from the twitch partner program

Darksyde Phil Is Known for his Twitch streaming Recently Darksyde Phil Tweeted about How He is been Removed from Twitch Partner Program on 21 April Darksyde Phil Said “All, it appears I was just entirely expelled from the Twitch partner program without any explanation whatsoever. I’m still streaming now, so let’s talk and try to figure things out… I’m stumped.”

after being excluded from Twitch Partner Programm darkSydephill Twitch channel Videos and highlights was removed no past content founded on his channel due to being removed from twitch partner Programm

The Twitch hasn’t disclosed the reason for unpartnering on the twitch Darksydephill subscriber were continuously reporting to get a refund back where twitch proclaims to give refunds to the users who subscribed darksydephill

the streamers of twitch have only one way to earns from twitch partner program for streamers on twitch this is the only method to earn from twitch that has been removed from the Darksydephil account so it will be tough for darksydephill to stream without earnings which was removed without any reason

As nowadays twitch are actively banning streamers every week multiple verified twitch streamers were banned which create a fears among streamers who are planning to make a lifetime career on twitch

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