741 Pilgrims travel from Nanded to Punjab, 351 test positive for Covid-19

MAY 02, 2020

Punjab received a major setback on the early morning of May 2 as the state which was on the vague for a speedy containment and recovery of the deadly Covid-19 disease jumped with over 400 cases in a single day.

punjab corona virus

 The travel of pilgrims comes amid the latest guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs that allowed travel of stranded people with the cooperation of State Governments.

Around 750 pilgrims who were stranded in the Nanded City of Maharashtra, where Hazur Sahib Nanded, one of the five takHTs of the Sikh Community is located, returned to Punjab on May 1 where they were tested for the virus. 351 people tested positive and are quarantined near the border. The others are also kept in isolation for the next 14 days.

punjab corona virus
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Punjab State had 585 positive cases until May 1. Most of the cases reported are the pilgrims that returned from Maharashtra. 

“The coming days will see a huge spike in a number of positive cases,” said the Punjab Health Minister.
Nanded City, which had only 6 positive cases and one of the green zones in Maharashtra, now has 26 cases and is declared as a new red zone by the State Government.

punjab corona virus
Hazur Sahib Gurudwara, Nanded

India also saw the single largest day spike in a number of positive cases. 2,293 cases were reported with 71 deaths out of which 1,008 cases were reported from Maharashtra alone. India has 37,335 cases to date and 1,218 deaths. CORONAVIRUS IS OUT CONTROL NANDED AND PUNJAB MADE A HUGE MISTAKE and now corona cases may raise its heights of number

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