Congress Trolled with “Burnol” after Ram Mandir Bhoomipoojan

Congress and ram mandir haters trolled with Burnol cream to get rid of jealousy 

burnol cream ram mandir
In a major blow to the Indian National Congress, the party was brutally trolled on social media. The netizens used the Burnol Cream to troll Congress. The cream is applied for a burn which in the Hindi language means Jalna that also means Jealousy.

The Congress party is blamed to be jealous of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party for finally laying the foundation of the much-disputed Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. Burnol was repeatedly used by social media to troll Congress.

burnol cream ram mandir

The Burnol Cream is used to treat Jalan which has two meanings in Hindi: Burn or Jealousy. Congress party should apply Burnol today as they were not able to solve the Ram Mandir – Babri Masjid dispute. Congress Party and Burnol are the key trends on Twitter today. Burnol has gained popularity over this row.

burnol cream ram mandir

Notably, the main reason over netizens trolling Congress with Burnol is the advertisement that was broadcasted by Aaj Tak News while Ram Mandir Bhoomipoojan was live. Burnol advertisement quoted, Jalega to Burnol hi Chalega. This sparked attention of the users on social media and they trolled Congress with Burnol.

The Burnol Trolling is soaring on social media as it is one of the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter. 
Congress should really apply Burnol today. Jay Shree Ram!

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