Carryminati YouTube video deleted what’s the reason?

Recently carry minati uploaded video on YouTube about replying on tiktok user amir Siddiqui after amir Siddiqui put it story 
Carry minati video which was deleted was highest no of like in india and to get instant 2 million subscribers
Also carry minati recorded fastest 2  million subscriber in his video in 1 day 

Reason of deleting carry minati video

Reason video was removed  from youtube was video was spreading hate and cyber bullying and also constantly paid reports to this video against tiktok users community 
The video is trending on all the platform from 2 days even removing trending video with such a highest record youtube may now face problems as India love carryminati and his fans won’t listen to anything they just demands for video should be reuploaded or undeleted from youtube

We meed carry minati video back if you want too comment show support then we will write article about youtube common hit comments with famcarry to support carry on this comment section

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