Things To Know Before Buying a Roti Maker

Things To Know Before Buying a Roti Maker

A roti maker is a machine that suddenly transforms your dough into a roti. The non-stick external side of a roti maker makes it easy for the roti to stick to the surface. Roti makers make it easier to prepare rotis by removing the need to roll the dough and this saves manual labor and preparation time by using the pressing technique.

Tips To Make Dough For a perfect roti with Roti Maker

The dough for the roti maker should be wetter than the traditional roti dough and it helps the roti stay soft. The tips which can be followed are

  • In a mixing bowl, take the flour and salt.
  • Add melted butter and water to the flour mixture and knead the dough for 5 minutes. 
  • Then allow the dough to rest for 30 minutes, and cover it with a damp towel to prevent the dough from getting stiff.
  • After that, divide it into equal portions and then start making balls. 
  • Now start the roti maker and keep the balls and press for a soft roti

Things To Consider Before Buying Roti Maker:

On/Off Indicators Switch

This is a must-have feature that you need to look for when buying a roti maker as it gives an idea of when to start to place the dough on the roti maker. There are plenty of models of makers in the market that do not have this vital feature though quality products guarantee to facilitate the feature.

Approved Manufacturers

Buying a roti maker that is an invention of a trustable brand of home appliances may cost you a bit more but all this money is valuable paying in the long run. You can buy a roti maker that has good reviews online.

Changeable Temperature

A roti maker typically comes with changeable temperature settings, which are medium, and high. But few appliances do not cater to this need and you should guarantee that the roti maker you are buying has this feature for a soft roti.

Size and Weight of the Roti maker

Buying a roti maker that is compact in the size and that suits the need of your family as compact sizes can be carried anywhere very easily too.

Manual and Demo CD

You can go for a roti maker that comes with an easily explained manual or a demo CD because using the appliance by setting it on the wrong temperature firstly can cause problems in the long run and following a demo makes the roti maker operation very easy.

Aesthetics of Roti maker

Apart from observing the brand alone, another thing that you must pay care to is the appearance of the appliance. There are adequate options in the market and you can find a roti maker that suits the general decor of your kitchen.

Good Shockproof Body

Safeguard that the roti maker you are buying offers good protection against any sort of risks related to electric shocks owing to short circuits.

Good Power Input

Roti makers must be able to reach the temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can get the best roti. So, a minimum of 800 Watts power with 200 Voltage is needed for a better roti.

Non-heating durable handles

You have to touch the handles multiple times while making a roti using a roti maker and it is essential to consider buying a roti maker that comes with durable handles that stay cool without getting heated.

The Griddle Size and its material

The griddle in a roti maker that is coated should be of highly non-stick material that facilitates the easy flipping of Rotis and also it prevents sticking of the roti to the surface.

Advantages of buying a Roti Maker

 There are many good reasons to buy a roti maker and they are

  • There is no need to worry about the annoyance relating to preparing chapattis.
  • The Roti maker will make nice, soft and round rotis, so you need not worry about uneven rotis.
  • It helps to save time than the chapatis made on the stove and also it saves energy
  • As it is compact in size, we can Carry the roti maker wherever you want to and easily plug it and prepare chapatis
  • If the family size is large, the roti maker will prove a great help by reducing time and saving power.